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AWS Toolkit for JetBrains - a plugin for interacting with AWS from JetBrains IDEs

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AWS Toolkit for JetBrains

AWS Toolkit for JetBrains - a plugin for interacting with AWS from JetBrains IDEs. The plugin includes features that make it easier to write applications on Amazon Web Services using a JetBrains IDE.

This is an open source project because we want you to be involved. We love issues, feature requests, code reviews, pull requests or any positive contribution. See CONTRIBUTING for how to help.


We want your feedback!


Supported IDEs: * IntelliJ Community/Ultimate 2019.2+ * PyCharm Community/Professional 2019.2+ * Rider 2019.2+ * WebStorm 2019.2+


See Installing the AWS Toolkit for JetBrains in the AWS Toolkit for JetBrains User Guide.

To use this AWS Toolkit, you will first need an AWS account, a user within that account, and an access key for that user. To use the AWS Toolkit to do AWS serverless application development and to run/debug AWS Lambda functions locally, you will also need to install the AWS CLI, Docker, and the AWS SAM CLI. The preceding link covers setting up all of these prerequisites.

EAP Builds

We also offer opt-in Early Access Preview builds that are built automatically.

In order to opt-in: * Add the URL
to your IDE's plugin repository preferences by going to Plugins->Gear Icon->Manage Plugin Repositories and adding the URL to the list * Check for updates.

From Source

Please see CONTRIBUTING for instructions.



Features that don't relate to a specific AWS service.

  • Credential management - the ability to select how you want to authenticate with AWS, management of several credential types and the ability to easily switch between profiles. Learn More
  • Region management - the ability to switch between viewing resources in different AWS regions. Learn More
  • AWS Resource Explorer - tree-view of AWS resources available in your selected account/region. This does not represent all resources available in your account, only a sub-set of those resource types supported by the plugin. Learn More


AWS Lambda AWS Lambda

Many of these features require the AWS SAM CLI to be installed, see the Serverless Application Model (SAM) website for more information on installation of the SAM CLI.

SAM features support Java, Python, Node.js, and .NET Core

  • New Project Wizard - Get started quickly by using one of the quickstart serverless application templates. Learn More
  • Run/Debug Local Lambda Functions - Locally test and step-through debug functions in a Lambda-like execution environment provided by the SAM CLI. Learn More
  • Invoke Remote Lambda Functions - Invoke remote functions using a sharable run-configuration Learn More
  • Package & Deploy Lambda Functions - Ability to package a Lambda function zip and create a remote lambda Learn More
  • Deploy SAM-based Applications - Package, deploy & track SAM-based applications Learn More

NB: Python-only features are available in both PyCharm and IntelliJ with the Python Plugin installed.


The best view of our long-term road-map is by looking the upcoming Release Milestones.

In addition to GitHub's built-in Projects and Milestones we use ZenHub to help: * manage our back-log * prioritize features * estimate issues * create sprint-boards

To enable these enhanced views can sign-up for ZenHub (using your GitHub account - it's free), install the ZenHub extension for your browser and then navigate to the ZebHub tab in the toolkit repository.


The plugin is distributed according to the terms outlined in our LICENSE.

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