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A blinking LED program written in Rust for the AVR

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A small Hello World Rust application for the AVR.

The program itself toggles a LED on PORTB periodically.

Designed for the ATmega328p.

The AVR-Rust Book


  • A recent version of the nightly Rust compiler. Anything including or greater than
    rustc 1.47.0-nightly (0820e54a8 2020-07-23)
    can be used.
  • The rust-src rustup component -
    $ rustup component add rust-src
  • AVR-GCC on the system for linking
  • AVR-Libc on the system for support libraries


Now to build, run:

rustup override set nightly

Ensure time delays are consistent with a 16MHz microcontroller.

export AVR_CPU_FREQUENCY_HZ=16000000

Compile the crate to an ELF executable.

cargo build -Z build-std=core --target avr-atmega328p.json --release

There should now be an ELF file at

. It can be flashed directly to an AVR microcontroller or ran inside a simulator.


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