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Bee is an AI, easy and high efficiency ORM framework. Bee 是开发速度快、简单、自动高效且具有人工智能(AI)特性的Java ORM框架!

460 Stars 40 Forks Last release: 21 days ago (v1.8.15) Apache License 2.0 708 Commits 9 Releases

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Easy for Stronger.
Bee is an ORM framework.
Bee is an easy and high efficiency ORM framework.
Coding Complexity is O(1),it means that Bee will do the Dao for you.
You don't need to write the Dao by yourself anymore.
Good Feature: AI, Timesaving/Tasteful, Easy, Automatic (AiTeaSoft Style)
Bee see:





Feature & Function:

Support many Database(MySQL,MariaDB,Oracle,H2,SQLite,PostgreSQL and so on) and easy extend。

Single entity(table) Suid (select,update,insert,delete) object-oriented operation.
Automatically generate the Javabean via DB table or view.
Convention-over-configuration:Javabean no annotation,no xml.
Automatically mapping the table column and the Javabean field.
Javabean support the raw type:int,double,and so on.
PreparedStatement support.
Procedure support.
Native SQL support.
Batch operate support.
Transaction support.
Automatic filter the null and empty field for default.
Order by,Paging.
Select some field.
Dynamic & random combination of query conditions,no need to prepare the interface in advance; new query requirements, no need to change the query interface.
All Suid(select,update,insert,delete) operation use the same Bee interface,no longer need any new dao interface.
Users/Developer only need to pay attention to the Bee interface.


Add Distributed Feature:
1.Add multi-DataSource support(Write/Read, only Split Database).
add multi-DataSource no need change the Java code.
add the route interface of multi-Datasource.
add multi-DataSource route.
add multi-DataSource config.
support refresh multi-DataSource config information.
2.Generate global unique id number in distributed environment.
3.Generate Serial Unique id number in one workid of distributed environment.
Independent clock,workerid can config and easily expand.
Implement algorithms:SerialUniqueId,OneTimeSnowflakeId,PearFlowerId.
Support GenId Factory,and can config the id generator.
4.Gen Serial Unique Id for all Table's Long Id field as primary key.
Enhance Function:
5.The same database sub table support, dynamic table name mapping support.
Entity and any table name mapping support.
Suid add one method:
public Suid setDynamicParameter(String para,String value);
add 2 annotation:@Table,@Entity.
6.Use 'for update' lock some select record(s).
public Condition forUpdate()
7.Added support for advanced update set,
Complex query and multi table query support only project some fields.
Add 5 methods in Condition
8.Support show type of data in sql and show ExecutableSql:
9.Add one method in SuidRich
Add three methods in PreparedSql
10.Oracle DATE column mapping to Timestamp,fix the problem:miss the hour,minute,second in Oracle DATE column.
11.GenFiles support upper case first letter,eg: #{entityName?up1}.
Fix bug:
12.fixed cache bug:genkey;clear cache for batch insert.
fixed bug:parse the json has extra comma.
fixed null bug about:PreparedSql's method select(String sql,Object preValues[]).

v1.8.15(2020-10-01 3Festivals)
1.Enhance support for H2,SQLite,PostgreSQL.
2.Enhance page funtion,paging para also use placeholder.
3.Can be used in zero configuration.
4.Enhance PearFlowerId algorithm that it will produce even number with continuous mantissa of 0 when is often not used (there are no such defect in SerialUniqueId and OneTimeSnowflakeId).
5.Enhance Log function.
6.Fixed json transform bug.

v1.8.99(2020-10-25 Double Ninth Festival)
1.Support lower and upper case option for SQL KeyWord.
2.Cache sql key support MD5 string.
3.Optimize the way of setting DB information with Honeyconfig.
4.Fix bug about checkSelectField.

Function Detail

click for: Function Detail

ORM Compare

ORM-Compare (More Detail)

Test Evn : Local windows.
DB: MySQL (Version 5.6.24).
Test point: Batch Insert;Paging Select; Transaction(update and select).

Batch Insert(unit: ms)
  5k 1w 2w 5w 10w
Bee 529.00 458.33 550.00 1315.67 4056.67
MyBatis 1193 713 1292.67 1824.33 Exception


Paging Select(unit: ms)
  20 50 100 200 500
Bee 17.33 58.67 52.33 38.33 57.33
MyBatis 314.33 446.00 1546.00 2294.33 6216.67


Transaction(update and select) (unit: ms)
  20 50 100 200 500
Bee 1089.00 70.00 84.00 161.33 31509.33
MyBatis 1144 35 79.67 146.00 32155.33

Bee need files

MyBatis need files

common,Javabean and Service interface:

Quick Start:

1. Add Bee

1.1 if it is a maven project,add the following dependency


1.2 Of course, can download the jar file directly

2. Create the database and the table

Create one database,default name is bee.
Create the tables and init the data by run the init-data(user-orders)-mysql.sql file(it is mysql sql script).

3. Update the database configuration in if need

If no the file, you can create it by yourself.

bee.db.driverName = com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
bee.db.url =jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/bee?characterEncoding=UTF-8
bee.db.username = root
bee.db.password =

4. The Javabean Orders reference as below:

Auto Genernate Javabean

5. Run the following java code

import java.math.BigDecimal;
import java.util.List;

import org.teasoft.bee.osql.BeeException; import org.teasoft.bee.osql.Suid; import org.teasoft.honey.osql.core.BeeFactory; import org.teasoft.honey.osql.core.Logger;


  • @author Kingstar

  • @since 1.0

  • / public class SuidExamEN {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

      try {
          Suid suid = BeeFactory.getHoneyFactory().getSuid();
          Orders orders1 = new Orders();//need gen the Javabean
          orders1.setName("Bee(ORM Framework)");
          List<orders> list1 =; // 1. select
          for (int i = 0; i &lt; list1.size(); i++) {
          orders1.setName("Bee(ORM Framework)");
          int updateNum = suid.update(orders1); //2. update
"update record:" + updateNum);
          Orders orders2 = new Orders();
          orders2.setName("Bee(ORM Framework)");
          orders2.setTotal(new BigDecimal("91.99"));
          orders2.setRemark(""); // empty String test
          int insertNum = suid.insert(orders2); // 3. insert
"insert record:" + insertNum);
          int deleteNum = suid.delete(orders2); // 4. delete
"delete record:" + deleteNum);
      } catch (BeeException e) {
          Logger.error("In SuidExamEN (BeeException):" + e.getMessage());
      } catch (Exception e) {
          Logger.error("In SuidExamEN (Exception):" + e.getMessage());


} // notice: this is just a simple sample. Bee suport transaction,paging,complicate select,slect json,and so on.

More example/test case

Rapid application development:

Let Java more quicker programming than php and Rails.

Faster development of new combinations of Java Web:

Faster development of new combinations of Spring Cloud microservices:
Bee + Spring Boot


Contact & Welcome:

Author's email: [email protected]

If you have any problem on bee, please let me know kindly! Thank you, so much!

ORM QQ Group: 992650213 WeChat:AiTeaSoft

At the same time, welcome you to join Bee team create a better future.

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