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automotive software(OSEK & AUTOSAR) and its tool-chain

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automotive software and its tool-chain

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why this repository

Because I am not powerful so I decided to develop tiny but smart part of automotive software based on open source, and create a general AUTOSAR & Automotive Software study environment.

As below picture shows, it was an virtual cluster based on AUTOSAR and can be simulated on Windows and Linux.

ascore posix vic on AUTOSAR

Key Point

1. BSW

1.1 Integrated ArcCore AUTOSAR 3.1 BSW

  • Communication: Can(CanFD) CanIf PduR Com SoAd J1939Tp
  • Diagnostic: CanTp Dcm DoIP Dem
  • System: EcuM SchM
  • Memory: Fls Fee Eep Ea NvM MemIf

1.2 AS Mini BSW

Mainly for the purpose to create a small footprint bootloader with all of the code implemented by me.

2. OS ASKAR - Automotive oSeK AutosaR

This RTOS ASKAR is designed according to OSEK/VDX OS223 by taking a reference of a lot of other open source RTOS, generally, the bwlow is the list:

For the purpose that to be able to run most of the common applications which are based on posix, a series of posix APIs have been implemented based on the ASKAR OSEK tiny core.

  • posix threads
  • posix semaphore
  • posix mutex and condition
  • posix message queue
  • posix signals

General supported CPU architecture list:

  • arm32: cortex-m3 arm926
  • arm64: cortex-a57 (multicore is supported)
  • ppc: mpc5634
  • intel: i386
  • s12cpuv2: mc9s12xep100

3. BSW configuration tool

This GUI tool is the one from OpenSAR which is also developed by me, the GUI can be automatically created from xml.

as configure tool

4. AUTOSAR & LINUX communication

5. Lua & Python Integrated

  • support CAN device by lascanlib or pyas: CANcaseXL, PeakCAN, SocketCAN, ZLG USBCAN
  • support miscellaneous device by lasdevlib with the smae API interface "open/read/write/ioctl/close": rs232
  • a powerful python tool: Dcm Xcp Bootloader and others.
  • a powerful third party RTE tool integrated: cogu/autosar bootloader

6. Other 3rd part package

7. Setup Environment and Run

Check the page as-study-platform for how to setup the environment from zero by yourself.

8. AS USB2CAN device

stm32f107vc USB2CAN


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