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Video conference system for mobile application. Base technology is react-native-webrtc + Janus Webrtc Gateway

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How it wokrs?



Dependent Libaries

  • "react-native": "^0.50.3",
  • "react-native-webrtc": "^1.58.3"
  • "react-native-incall-manager": "^2.2.0"
  • "react-native-vector-icons": "^4.4.2"
  • "react-native-elements": "^0.18.2"
  • "react-native-tab-navigator": "^0.3.4"
  • "react-native-gifted-chat": "^0.3.0"


  • Janus WebRTC Gateway Video Room Implementation
  • Mobile users can send teh audio and video msg to other paritciapnts up to 6 max (can configure in janus)
  • Friendly text chat


  • [x] iOS works
  • [x] Android works
  • [x] Janus Plugin Demo: Video Room works ( )
  • [x] Local camera view
  • [x] Remote view
  • [x] Audio mute
  • [x] Video mute
  • [x] Audio Speaker
  • [x] Unpublish and publish
  • [x] Switch front and back camera with react-native-webrtc MediaStreamTrack.prototype._switchCamera()
  • [x] End call
  • [x] Problem: the delay of receving remote viedeos increases when recreating the webrtc session by unpublish/publish. Soulution: use janus.destroy() for republishing instead of unpublish and publish
  • [x] Rerender teh remote video view if others join and leave continuously
  • [x] Rerender my video view when publishing and unpublishing
  • [x] Switching camera works after recreating the session
  • [x] Connecting modal when creating session
  • [x] Redux integration
  • [ ] Better handling the janus session by simple redux
  • [ ] Better restarting the the janus session by simple queue system
  • [x] Text Chat Mock
  • [ ] Rich UI
  • [ ] Refactor index.js and
  • [ ] More Details about how to use this Documentation
  • [ ] PR to awesome-react-native ( )
  • [ ] Other Janus Plugin(Audio bridge, Streaming, Sip, Video Call ... etc)

Setup for iOS and Android

  • Set up the janus with wss configured following by
  • Change config.example.js to config.js and edit the content as you configured about Janus

Setup for iOS

  • Code Signing for building on real device
  • Change the node path for you env, Build Phases -> Bundle React Native code and images ("export NODE_BINARY=/Users/jima/.nodebrew/current/bin/node")
  • Build the iOS project in release or debug

Setup for Android


  • MIT


  • @atyenoria

Any request and bug repoting?

  • Could you create a new issue?

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