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Card Management


This is a "real world" example application, written entirely in F#. The goal is to create a best practice for building applications or at least give a reasonable manual to design one.


It's a very simple bank application.

Here you can - Create/Read users - Create/Read cards for those users - Set daily limits for cards - Top up balance - Process payments (according to your current balance, daily limit and today's spendings)


To run this thing you'll need: - .NET Core 2.2+ - Docker - Visual Studio 2017+ or VS Code with Ionide plugin or Rider with F# plugin

Database here is MongoDb, hosted in docker container. So you just have to navigate to

folder and run
docker-compose up
. That's it.

For web api

framework is used. You can also play with it using

Project overview

There are several projects in this solution, in order of referencing:

  • CardManagement.Common. Self explanatory, I guess.
  • CardManagement. This is a business logic project, a core of this application. Domain types, actions and composition root for this layer
  • CardManagement.Data. Data access layer. Contains entities, db interaction functions and composition root for this layer.
  • CardManagement.Infrastructure. In here you'll find a global composition root, logging, app configuration functions.
  • CardManagement.Console/CardManagement.Api. Entry point for using global composition root from infrastructure.

Detailed description

Here's long and boring explanation of why anyone would even bother to use F# for web api and tips on how to do it in such a way so you don't blow your head off.

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