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Astropy package for source detection and photometry. Maintainers: @larrybradley and @bsipocz

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Photutils is an

_ package for detection and photometry of astronomical sources.

Please see the

online documentation
_ for
installation instructions
_ and usage information.

Citing Photutils


If you use Photutils for a project that leads to a publication, whether directly or as a dependency of another package, please include the following acknowledgment::

This research made use of Photutils, an Astropy package for
detection and photometry of astronomical sources (Bradley et al.

where (Bradley et al. 20XX) is a citation to the

Zenodo record
_ of the Photutils version that was used. We also encourage citations in the main text wherever appropriate. Please see the
_ file for details and an example BibTeX entry.


Photutils is licensed under a 3-clause BSD license. Please see the

_ file for details.

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.. _Astropy:

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