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Collection of personal scientific routines in Fortran :book:

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This is a collection of Fortran routines I have written over the years for use in more complex codes. The different files are as independent as possible from each other, but in some cases dependencies are unavoidable.

A lot of routines are written so as to work with both single and double type precision. These are in the templates/ directory, and are coded using generic types. The files in templates are not valid Fortran, and will not compile. Running the script automatically generates the full source code from these templates, and places the results in src.

base_types.f90 (no dependencies) Defines numeric types

lib_algebra.f90 (no dependencies) Defines the following routines: - cube root - several quadratic solvers - Simpson's rule integrator - Gaussian elimination linear equations solver

libarray.f90 (no dependencies) Defines the following routines: - linspace: create an array of values equally spaced in linear space - logspace: create an array of values equally spaced in log space - indexarray1d: find the order array elements should be in to be sorted - sort: sort one or two arrays - integral: trapezium integration - integrallinlog: trapezium integration with linear-log interpolation - integralloglin: trapezium integration with log-linear interpolation - integralloglog: trapezium integration with log-log interpolation - cumulativeintegral: cumulative version of integral - cumulativeintegrallinlog: cumulative version of integrallinlog - cumulativeintegralloglin: cumulative version of integralloglin - cumulativeintegralloglog: cumulative version of integralloglog - locate: search for a value in a sorted array - interp1d: 1-D linear interpolation - interp2d: 2-D linear interpolation - interp1dlinlog: 1-D linear interpolation in linear-log space - interp1dloglin: 1-D linear interpolation in log-linear space - interp1d_loglog: 1-D linear interpolation in log-log space - histogram1d: convert an array of values to a histogram - histogram2d: convert two arrays of values to a 2-D histogram - ipos: bin value for equally spaced bins - xval: find center of bin for equally spaced bins

lib_cfitsio.f90 (requires the cfitsio library to be installed) Defines wrapper routines for the cfitsio library

lib_conf.f90 (no dependencies) Defines routines to make it easy to read Apache-style configuration files

lib_constants.f90 (no dependencies) Defines some physical constants in SI and CGS units

lib_hdf5.f90 (requires the HDF5 library to be installed) Defines wrapper routines for the HDF5 library

libio.f90 (requires the posix*.f90 modules - see below) Defines various I/O operations (file deletion with confirmation, etc.)

lib_messages.f90 Defines warning/error routines

lib_random.f90 Defines routines to sample random numbers: - uniform random numbers between 0 and 1 - uniform random numbers between two bounds - random number from exp(-x) PDF - random number from a normal distribution - random position on a sphere - random Poisson variables - random frequency from a Planck function

posixdefault.f90 and posixnag.f90 Define various low-level routines, such as checking for file/directory existence, and a routine to sleep a program for an amount of time defined in microseconds. If using the NAG f95 compiler, use posixnag.f90, otherwise use posixdefault.f90

typeangle3d.f90 (requires librandom.f90) Defines a derived type for 3D angles, and associated routines

typepdf.f90 (requires libarray.f90 and lib_random.f90) Defines derived types for discrete and continuous PDFs, and associated routines (including for sampling the PDFs).

type_stokes.f90 Defines a derived type for Stokes vectors, and associated routines

typevector3d.f90 (requires librandom.f90 and type_angle3d.f90) Defines a derived type for 3D vectors, and associated routines

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