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iOS application providing you all information about your device - hardware, operating system, proces...

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System Monitor

Activity Monitor on iPad 4

iOS application providing you all information about your device - hardware, operating system, processor, memory, GPU, network interface, storage and battery, including OpenGL powered visual representation in real time.

Hardware information: - iDevice name - Screen resolution - Screen size - Retina capability - Pixel density - Aspect ratio

Operating System: - Version - Build - Revision - Kernel information - Safe Boot - Boot time - Uptime - Tick frequency - Operating system limits: processes, files, VNodes

CPU: - Name - Architecture - Physical and logical core count - Frequency - L1, L2 cache size - Endianess

Processes: - List all system processes/daemon and AppStore applications. - PID, start time, priority, command path

RAM: - Total memory - Memory type - Memory usage: wired, active, inactive, free - Page-ins - Page-outs - Page-faults

GPU: - Chip name - Supported OpenGL version - OpenGL vendor - Supported OpenGL extensions

Network: - External IP - Internal IP - Netmask - Broadcast IP - Total WiFi and cellular traffic since boot.

Connections: - List active connections - Connection local and remote IP - Connection local and remote port - Connection status - Connection download and upload traffic

Storage: - Total available space on device - Free space - Used space - Number of songs - Number of pictures and total size on disk - Number of videos and total size on disk

Battery: - Battery capacity - Battery voltage - Battery status - Current battery level

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