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Rails console enhancement - Make Your Rails Console Awesome

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Make Your Rails Console Awesome

This gem was inspired by Using pry in production, jazz_hands and jazz_fingers.

The pros of

  • Less gem dependances (Only pry-rails and awesome_print other than rails. The rest are optional)
  • Simpler prompt modification (Similar to the default prompt you're already familiar with)
  • No need to worry about configuration (because there are not much options anyway)



gem 'awesome_rails_console'

In terminal:

rails g awesome_rails_console:install # This will include dependency gems to the gemfile
# you should review your Gemfile at this point (and adjust if needed)
spring stop # to restart spring, if you are using it
rails c


Show Rails env and project name in the prompt

Prevents you from accidentally changing production data to the wrong project.

Beautiful formatting with pry and awesome_print

Make it easy to read. Reduce the pain while debugging.

# Try following statements in rails console:
[:apple, :orange, :banana]
{ a: 1, b: 2, c: 3 }
ap (1..100).to_a, limit: 5

Print table in console

With Hirb (optional enhancement)

Very handy when you need to paste some data into issue tracking system.


With pry-byebug (optional enhancement)


(break point) to start debugging. See pry-byebug For detail.

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