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Virtual Engine for Android(Support 11.0 in business version)

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VirtualApp is a commercial project developed and operated by Luohe technology, which creates a virtual space within your App. You can

install, start and uninstall APK arbitrarily in the virtual space
, which is isolated from the outside, like a sandbox. APK running in VA does not need to be
installed externally
, that is, the VA supports running APK without installation. VA is currently widely used in plug-in development, non-thermal update, cloud control automation, multi-open, mobile game rent number, mobile game handle activation free, block chain, mobile office security, military and government secrecy, mobile phone simulation information, script automation, automated testing and other technical fields, but it is not limited to this. Android itself is an extremely open platform,
and the ability to run APK without installing it opens up unlimited possibilities -- which depend on your imagination.
The code on Github has been updated since December 2017. The commercial version of the code is still being updated, with the following improvements:
  1. New Code Characteristics
  2. Framework optimization and performance improvement
  3. Compatibility of mobile phone system and APP has been greatly improved
  4. Run Google services perfectly
  5. Compatibility with the latest Android Q (10.0)
  6. Support running 64-bit App
  7. Java Hook that supports Dalvik and Art (API and Xposed)
  8. Add positioning simulation code
  9. Add the machine changing code
  10. Please refer to the table below for details of the repair and improvement of more than 180 other problems

Authorization Note

Luohe Technology has set up companies in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Shandong. From 2015 to 2018, it applied for many VirtualApp intellectual property rights, which are protected by the Intellectual Property Law of the People's Republic of China. When you need to use the VirtualApp code on Github, please purchase the commercial license. After obtaining the commercial license, you will receive the full source code of the commercial version of VirtualApp provided by us. Dozens of authorized customers pay for the use of VirtualApp commercial code, and the number of APPs that integrate VirtualApp code starts more than 200 million times a day. Thousands of Android engineers provide us with user feedback in different scenarios, and VirtualApp commercial version code has become increasingly sophisticated through the continuous efforts of our technical team to optimize. After you get the authorization, you will become one of them and enjoy the fruits of continuous iteration and improvement. And we can cooperate with our authorized customers in operation, technology and business.

Person in charge: General Zhang
Mobile: +86 1303217777 7
Wechat: 10890
Company email: [email protected]

Strictness Disclaimer

If you use VirtualApp for internal use, commercial profit or upload to the application market without authorization, we will directly collect evidence and report to the police (copyright infringement) or prosecute, which will cause criminal liability and legal proceedings to your company and affect your company's goodwill and investment. Buying a commercial license saves you a lot of development, testing, and refining time, allowing you more time to innovate and monetize.

The updating contents of commercial version code from December 13, 2018 to June 13, 2019

  1. Preliminary support for pure 64-bit mode to meet the requirements of the Google Market
  2. Preliminary support for Android Q beta4
  3. Fix install of Huolala
  4. Fix check logic for 64bit apk
  5. Support NetworkSecurityConfig
  6. Rewrite Component State Manager
  7. Optimaize compatibility of MIUI/EMUI ContentProvider
  8. Fix StorageStats Hook
  9. Fix login of Kuaishou
  10. Fix support for some plugin frameworks(Small, Atlas)
  11. Fix login of Facebook
  12. Fix so load error of some app download from Google Play(COC)
  13. Fix suppport for split apk
  14. Fix crash of Youtube
  15. Fix crash of Youku
  16. Fix conflict of broadcast namespace
  17. Add a new policy to bypass Hidden Policy API above Android P
  18. Pre support for Android Q(beta1)
  19. Fix access to SD Card in some huawei devices
  20. Fix some launch process failure
  21. Fix get native symbol failure in some 4.4 devices
  22. Fix got package name failure by WebView in some devices
  23. Fix detail of service
  24. Optimize launch speed

The updating contents of commercial version code from January 1, 2018 to December 13, 2018.

  1. Fix WebView loading failure in a few models
  2. Fix Lib decision problems
  3. Fix the problem that some Huawei models could not read memory CARDS
  4. Fix possible problems with the Service
  5. Allow judging whether an Activity is started externally based on intent
  6. Fix incorrect environment boot of Gms and Google Play on some models
  7. Fix compatibility problems caused by the StaticBroadcast new implementation
  8. Fix the problem that apache. HTTP. Legacy cannot be used on Android P
  9. Implement Native trace
  10. Optimize IO Redirect performance
  11. Fix the occasional network failure of wechat
  12. Fix bugs with incorrect small probability process attach
  13. ROADMAP for the next stage
  14. Solve the problem caused by Android P's inability to register more than 1000 broadcasts
  15. Fix DeadLock that may cause ANR
  16. Fix the problem of partial app dynamic loading failure
  17. Fix the problem that black screen appears when some models are opened for the first time under the operating environment without installation
  18. Compatible with many mainstream Android emulators
  19. Optimize start-up performance
  20. Resolve multiple memory leaks
  21. Fix IO Redirect priority issues
  22. Fix the problem of no network connection for Messenger device below 8.0
  23. Fix Bug that remained in the internal app when the external app was uninstalled in dual-open mode
  24. Fix the problem of some tencent reinforcement can not run
  25. Fix the BUG that Instagram could not log into Facebook
  26. Fix Bug that may be started repeatedly with low probability
  27. Fix Bug of the GET_PERMISSIONS without authorization
  28. Fix Bug of starting Activity Intent Sender
  29. Fix the problem that activity on some vivo devices could not be started
  30. Fix the problem that the app could not call the external app to select the file
  31. Improve the compatibility of Android P
  32. Google service compatible with Android P
  33. Solve some abnormal functions of Messenger
  34. Improve IO Redirect
  35. A large number of Gms are adapted to fix the problem of unlimited process restart during Gms operation
  36. Re-implement the operation mechanism of Service
  37. Improve 64 bit and provide API for some ROM configuration 64bit Engine permissions
  38. Fix Activity startup problem on 4.4 device
  39. Support the exclude From Recent attribute
  40. Fix the problem that Instagram could not log into Facebook
  41. Fix the problem of Facebook's first login flashback
  42. Support to run Gms, Google play and play game in 64-bit mode
  43. Support downloading and installing apps in Google Play with dual-open/install-free running
  44. Fix Bug of Download Manager
  45. Fix the BUG of restarting the interface when Google play returned to the upper layer
  46. Fix the so decision-making problem in the installation-free mode
  47. Optimize the build script to facilitate the introduction of projects
  48. Fix the problem that the mobile MM SDK could not be started
  49. Fix the BUG of WeChat shake
  50. Fix the unstable BUG of ZTE equipment
  51. Support ARM64 IO Redirect
  52. Fix the BUG that no updates are made to the internal app when the external app is updated in USE_OUTSIDE mode
  53. Compatible with the latest version of Android 9.0(code-named pie) and the four Preview versions released before the official version
  54. Compatible with x86 devices with built-in Houdini
  55. Windows preview technology enables App to start at the same speed as real App
  56. New Activity Stack to improve running quality of APP
  57. Solve the abnormal operation of App connected to Atlas Framework
  58. Be able to define the specific behavior of the virtual app returning to the desktop
  59. Now the app is dynamically updated with the system in double-open mode, without manual check
  60. When target Sdk Version >= 26, the lower version of the app can still run normally
  61. QDroid virtual engine (beta) compatible with tencent game manager
  62. Refactor a lot of underlying code to greatly improve the running speed
  63. Fix the problem that netease news cannot be cancelled after sharing on weibo
  64. Fix the problem that App custom permissions cannot be recognized
  65. Fix the problem that the app could not be started due to ink stains
  66. Fix the problem that some government apps could not be started
  67. See the code for changes to the API
  68. Fixed the mutual call problem of Samsung series of applications
  69. Fix the account problems of Xiaomi applications in non-xiaomi systems
  70. Repair third-party calls such as share/send, and the returned page is abnormal
  71. Fix the problem that App prompt cannot be installed
  72. Use the third-party App and encrypt the uri
  73. Adapt to the bangs
  74. Adapt to the hook of Xiaomi ROM
  75. Adapt to the problem of Nubian recording
  76. Permission control of internal suspension window
  77. Optimize the processing of customized notification bar
  78. Fix the INCLUDE_CODE permission problem of Context
  79. Adapt to corner marks of Huawei and Oppo
  80. Fix the problem of Baidu video process restart
  81. Fix some snap chat start-up problems
  82. Adapt to autofill service, such as piexl series
  83. Improve 64-bit IO hook
  84. Optimize hook library compatibility, add back dlopen
  85. The so of the 64-bit extension package is moved to the 32-bit master package. (after jni code changes, please build it once before running)
    Notification Bar Change: Adapt 8.1 Notification Channel; Remove all notifications of the application when the application is removed
  86. Compatible with some Apps, need to set android:largeHeap=true
  87. Fix the problem of ffmpeg library video can not play
  88. Optimize horizontal and vertical screen switching
  89. Reduce the limit of calling external activities with intent.action_view.
  90. Compatible with MG SDK
  91. 64-bit support is still in development
  92. Update the confusion configuration app/, must add the rule -dontshrink
  93. Optimize the simulation model, for example: after simulation, device verification does not appear in some Apps
  94. Improve dex2oat compatibility
  95. Optimize simulation positioning
  96. Remove dlopen
  97. TargetVersion can be changed to 26: support dynamic permission application for app with targetVersion < 23 and file Uri with targetVersion < 24
  98. Install Package changed to the default asynchronous form
  99. Support 64-bit mode and switch back to aidl
  100. Remove Setting Handler can now dynamically set special rules, which are stored and do not need to be set repeatedly
  101. Add 2 native_setup
  102. Improve jobService compatibility
  103. Shortcut Service: Associate VASettings.ENABLEINNERSHORTCUT
  104. For the sake of stability and operational efficiency, remove the previous version of bluetooth and wifi, and do not declare the adaption of permissions.
  105. Increase the broadcast Constants of app startup exceptions with ACTIONPROCESSERROR
  106. Fix a few game screen judgment problems
  107. Demo adds model simulation
  108. Vivo ADAPTS a custom permission (background popover). VA is to return a historical activity to the foreground, which vivo needs.
  109. If there is no bluetooth permission, return the default value (for overseas use)
  110. Fix the uid permission check problem
  111. Security update and file permission control for internal applications
  112. Improve the compatibility of internal app calls, third-party login and sharing
  113. Automatically filter unauthorized external contentproviders
  114. Added function: check the permission of internal app (closed by default)
  115. Model simulation: Build class and build.prop
  116. Improve app compatibility for legu reinforcement
  117. Adapt to Samsung wifimanager
  118. Fix a parameter passing problem in ipc framework (IPCMethod class must be updated)
  119. Complete the hook of 7.0 notice bar
  120. Fix hook of 8.0 dynamic shortcut menu
  121. Setting Handler adds an adaptor interface, mainly suitable for various games
  122. Function changes: Google automatic installation to manual installation, to avoid the first time to start too long
  123. Access to an external Content Provider can be prohibited
  124. Adapt to the number of Huawei desktop icons
  125. Permission classification annotation, indicating that permission can be deleted
  126. Add dual-open mode App to follow the external upgrade switch
  127. Improve jni compatibility of app
  128. Improve compatibility with other plug-in frameworks for app integration
  129. Add setting interface and set according to the package name
  130. Increase the Uri adaptation range to support sharing and viewing files through uris
  131. Fix a problem with Samsung 8.0
  132. Improve the compatibility of app components with the system, better compatible with chrome webview and Google service.
  133. Improve the stability of ART
  134. Increase the scope of camera adaptation
  135. Support shortcut management of internal App under 8.0
  136. Fix exec exceptions
  137. Improve stability (Fix WeChat login backout)
  138. Solve the problem of WeChat database crash
  139. Fixed part 4.4 equipment crash
  140. Fix the problems that the background application is easy to be killed, tudou video black screen, sina weibo cannot be opened, and youku cannot exit after two returns.
  141. Add the survival mechanism of the application, and double-open APP is more difficult to be killed.
  142. Optimize start-up performance of virtual engine.
  143. Compatible with most of the reinforcement and the compatibility of third-party APP increased by 40% compared with the previous version.
  144. Fixed some ROMs with incorrect shortcut icons
  145. Compatibility with previous component Stub File Provider
  146. Virtual IMEI for adapting part of the new ROM
  147. Improve process initialization code and increase stability
  148. Add internal transmission Intent.ACTIONBOOTCOMPLETED broadcast and the switch can be set
  149. Adapt to the Google play game, and support the game to log in with Google
  150. Compatible with Google service framework of android O
  151. Compatible with android O shortcuts
  152. Adapt to headset mode
  153. Some ROMs limit the size of intent. Demo adds zoom shortcut icon code
  154. Fix the Bug in the case of multiple openings
  155. Fix the Bug in Media Controller in some cases
  156. Fix Stub File Provider error of 4.1.2
  157. Share uri processing
  158. Fix the callback of cross-app call Activity
  159. Notification bar blocking switch of foreground service
  160. Attached doc
  161. Improve the CHOOSE callback of intent within VA
  162. The notification bar of Android O is compatible with 2
  163. Optimize ipc framework to improve the survival accuracy of binder
  165. Confusion Configuration
  166. Android O Notice Bar Adaptation
  167. Fix problems with some app network CARDS
  168. Dl_open (jni load) compatible with android 8.0
  169. Fix the Bug of Huawei emui8.0
  170. Improve positioning
  171. Set up mobile phone information and imei camouflage algorithm
  172. Adapt to a certain function of 8.0(main app: whats App)
  173. Fix the problem that internal WeChat and other applications could not update pictures and video
  174. Demo adds installation monitoring and automatically updates the application of clone mode
  175. 7.0 File Provider Adaptation
  176. Add location code
  177. Architectural optimization of code
  178. Different features from the open source version
  179. Solve some problems of WeChat sealing
  180. Fix compatibility of some models
  181. Fix 12 minor bugs

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