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Tensorflow implementation of Amazon DeepAR

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Tensorflow implementation of Amazon DeepAR

Example usage:

Fit a univariate time series: ```python %load_ext autoreload %autoreload 2

from tensorflow.python.framework.ops import disableeagerexecution disableeagerexecution()

from deepar.dataset.time_series import MockTs from deepar.model.lstm import DeepAR

ts = MockTs(dimensions=1) # you can change this for multivariate time-series! dpmodel = DeepAR(ts, epochs=50) dpmodel.instantiateandfit() ```

Plot results with uncertainty bands: ```python %matplotlib inline from numpy.random import normal import tqdm import pandas as pd from matplotlib import pyplot as plt import numpy as np

batch = ts.nextbatch(1, ts.nsteps)

ress = [] for i in tqdm.tqdm(range(300)): ress.append(np.expanddims( dpmodel.getsampleprediction( batch[0] ), axis=0, ))

res_np = np.concatenate(ress, axis=0) fig = plt.figure(figsize=(12, 10))

for dim in range(ts.dimensions): ax = fig.addsubplot(ts.dimensions, 1, dim+1) resdf = pd.DataFrame(resnp[:, :, 0]).T totres = res_df

ax.plot(batch[1].reshape((ts.n_steps, ts.dimensions))[:, dim], linewidth=6)
tot_res['mu'] = tot_res.apply(lambda x: np.mean(x), axis=1)
tot_res['upper'] = tot_res.apply(lambda x: np.mean(x) + np.std(x), axis=1)
tot_res['lower'] = tot_res.apply(lambda x: np.mean(x) - np.std(x), axis=1)
tot_res['two_upper'] = tot_res.apply(lambda x: np.mean(x) + 2*np.std(x), axis=1)
tot_res['two_lower'] = tot_res.apply(lambda x: np.mean(x) - 2*np.std(x), axis=1)

ax.plot(, 'bo') ax.plot(, linewidth=2) ax.fill_between(x = tot_res.index, y1=tot_res.lower, y2=tot_res.upper, alpha=0.5) ax.fill_between(x = tot_res.index, y1=tot_res.two_lower, y2=tot_res.two_upper, alpha=0.5) fig.suptitle('Prediction uncertainty')

Image of gaussian

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