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This is a collection of all the code that can be found on my YouTube channel Sigma Coding.

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Howdy! My name is Alex, and if you're like me, you enjoy the world of programming. Or maybe you were like me a few years ago and are beginning to take your first step into this exciting world. The GitHub repository you're currently contains almost all of the code you find on my YouTube channel Sigma Coding. Feel free to clone, download or branch this repository so you can leverage the code I share in my channel.

Because I cover so many different langages on my YouTube channel, I dedicate a folder to each specific lanaguge. Right now, I cover the following lanagues on my channel:

This list is continuously changing, and I do my best to make tutorials engaging, exciting, and most importantly, easy to follow!


Now, I cover a lot of topics on my channel and as much I would like to list them all I don't want to overload with you a bunch of information. Here is a list of some of my more popular topics:

  • Python:

    • Win32COM The Win32COM library allows us to control the VBA object model from Python.
    • TD Ameritrade API The TD Ameritrade API allows us to stream real-time quote data and execute trades from Python.
    • Interactive Brokers API The TD Ameritrade API allows us to stream real-time quote data and execute trades from Python.
    • Machine Learning I cover different machine learning models ranging from regression to classification.
    • Pythonnet Pythonnet is used to connect Python to something called the CLR (Common Language Runtime) which gives us access to more Windows speicific libraries.
  • VBA:

    • Access VBA In Access, we can store large amounts of data. With Access, we will see how to create tables, query existing tables, and even importing and exporting data to and from access.
    • Excel VBA In Excel, we do an awful lot even working with non-standard libraries like ADODB.
    • Outlook VBA In Outlook, we work with email objects and account information.
    • PowerPoint VBA This series covers interacting with PowerPoint objects using VBA, topics like linking OLE objects and formatting slides.
    • Publisher VBA In Publisher, we explore how to create fliers and other media documents for advertising.
    • Word VBA With Word VBA, we see how to manipulate different documents and change the underlying format in them.
  • JavaScript:

    • Office API Learn how to use the new JavaScript API for Microsoft Office.
    • Excel API The Excel API focuses just on the API for Microsoft Excel and the object model associated with it.
    • Word API The Word API focuses just on the API for Microsoft Word and the object model associated with it.
  • TSQL:

    • APIs Learn how to make API request from Microsoft SQL Server.
    • Excel Learn how to work with Excel Workbooks using T-SQL.


If you ever have a question, would like to suggest a topic, found a mistake or just want some input for a project you can always email me at [email protected]. Additionally, you can find dedicated folders in the repository for resources like documentation.

Links To Other Respositories

Some of my projects are so large that they have dedicated repositories for them. Here is a list of repositiories of my other repositiories:

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Patreon: If you like what you see! Then Help support the channel and future projects by donating to my Patreon Page. I'm always looking to add more content for individuals like yourself, unfortuantely some of the APIs I would require me to pay monthly fees.

Hire Me: If you have a project, you think I can help you with feel free to reach out at [email protected] or fill out the contract request form

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