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Stable-Baselines tutorial for Journées Nationales de la Recherche en Robotique 2019

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Stable Baselines RL tutorial - JNRR19

Stable-Baselines reinforcement learning tutorial for Journées Nationales de la Recherche en Robotique 2019.

Website: https://jnrr2019.loria.fr/

Slides: https://araffin.github.io/slides/rl-tuto-jnrr19/#/

Stable-Baselines repo: https://github.com/hill-a/stable-baselines

Documentation: https://stable-baselines.readthedocs.io/en/master/

RL Baselines Zoo: https://github.com/araffin/rl-baselines-zoo

This tutorial was created by Edward Beeching, Ashley Hill and Antonin Raffin


  1. Getting Started Colab Notebook
  2. Gym Wrappers, saving and loading models Colab Notebook
  3. Multiprocessing Colab Notebook
  4. Callbacks and hyperparameter tuning Colab Notebook
  5. Creating a custom gym environment Colab Notebook


RL baselines zoo: Colab Notebook


We would like to thanks our contributors: @rbahumi @stefanbschneider

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