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Customizable bar(s) for OSX.

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Personal Übersicht system information bars for use with Kwm window manager and designed with colors from the AVK theme, though there are other color schemes in the color folder.

For the new version, that works with chunkwm, check out chunkbar.widget.

Screen Shots: img img

The original widget created by herrbischoff can be found here.

Further modifications were made by koekeishiya, whose version can be found here.

How it works:


Übersicht creates a webview and places it on your desktop, just above the wallpaper but behind everyting else. Ubersicht widgets are written as .coffee files which let you format elements with html, style them with css and manipulate data with javascript and coffeescript. For dynamic widgets, Ubersicht let's you run terminal commands and insert the output into html, so just about any language can be used to write scripts for widgets. My scripts use bash, python and AppleScript.

You can find the necessary scripts in scripts directory.


These are as simple as Ubersicht widgets get, they make black bars at the top, bottom left and bottom right of the screen that the other widgets sit on top of.


This widget is designed to work with KWM. It shows the current KWM mode (bsp, float, monocle) and the number of desktops and the current one. If enabled in the Ubersicht preferences menu, holding the interaction key and clicking on the mode will cycle through the KWM modes and clicking on desktop icons will change the current desktop to the one clicked on. This works best if your interaction shortcut is ctrl.


This widget shows the currently selected window. If working on a file, it can highlight the name of the file being worked on.


  • This widget shows the current time and date.
  • The battery widget changes color from green to yellow to red as battery percentage changes. Now has a little lightning bolt that will appear when the computer is plugged in (taken from Mizzazz).
  • Network connection indicator widget. Shows grey if no connection detected and blue if there's an active connection on Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Shows different icons for Wi-Fi and Ethernet and will show your IP or current wifi network name.
  • Mail indicator shows number of new messages in your inbox. Works with Maildir style email storage.
  • Reminders indicator shows number of uncompleted reminders in Apple's reminders app.


This used to be a part of but since it uses an API call it was very inefficent to have it update every few seconds. It is now its own widget that updates every 10 minutes signifigantly reducing the resources used.

  • The weather widget tells the current temperature ( color is blue, yellow or red depending on temperature) and an icon showing the current weather status. Uses the Yahoo Weather API for forecast data and ip-api to determine current location.
  • Clicking on the temperature loads a five day forecast panel with location, current condition, date, condition, and low and high temperatures for the week. To use, enable an interaction shortcut in the Übersicht preference menu and hold down that key while clicking on the temperature.


This widget shows a number of current system indicators.

img img

This widget works with MPD and NCMPCPP and the Transmission cli torrent client. It shows the current track and artist, the position in current track and has some simple play controls.

Clicking on the icon while holding the interaction key will toggle the widget between current MPD status and the current download progress of active torrents and the number of downloading / total.

There is also a Spotify widget included but you must

brew install shpotify
a command line spotify utility by hnarayanan first


You can slide the range control to adjust volume. Icon changes with volume level.


Make sure you have Übersicht installed.

Then clone this repository.

git clone $HOME/Library/Application\ Support/Übersicht/widgets/nerdbar.widget

or to your current widget directory if you have changed it. The scripts may require installing some additional packages, such as Python, but all are available via homebrew.

The icons require the use of extra fonts:

That have to be installed system wide. You can drag the files into to do this.

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