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Grunt task to generate a RESTful API Documentation with apidoc

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Generates a RESTful API Documentation with apiDoc.

Generated example documentation at


  1. npm install grunt-apidoc --save-dev
  2. Add


Add the task to your Gruntfile's grunt.initConfig:

apidoc: {
  myapp: {
    src: "app/",
    dest: "apidoc/"

Use only one src and one dest, apiDoc search in subdirs for files with apidoc-parameters.

Additional options


options can be used within options-block, see apiDoc configure for details, or look directly at the code.
  • src: Source files directory.
  • dest: Destination directory, where the documentation will be created.
  • template: Directory with the template files.
  • options
    • includeFilters: [ ".*\.js$" ] RegEx, which files to parse.
    • debug: false Show Debug Output.
    • log: true Show Log Output.
    • simulate: false Simulation, no files will be written.

Example options:

includeFilters With

you can define which files apiDoc should include, default

debug Show verbose information.

apidoc: {
  mypp: {
    src: "app/",
    dest: "apidoc/",
    options: {
      debug: true,
      includeFilters: [ ".*\\.js$" ],
      excludeFilters: [ "node_modules/" ]


  • 0.11.0
    Update for Grunt 1.
  • 0.10.2
    Update dependencies.
  • 0.10.1
    Update dependencies.
  • 0.10.0
    Upgrade to use always the latest version of apiDoc.
  • 0.9.0
    Upgrade to apiDoc 0.9.x.
  • 0.8.0
    Upgrade to apiDoc 0.8.x.
  • 0.7.0
    Upgrade to apiDoc 0.7.x.
  • 0.6.0
    Upgrade to apiDoc 0.6.x.
  • 0.5.0
    Upgrade to apiDoc 0.5.x.
  • 0.4.0
    Upgrade to apiDoc 0.4.x.
  • 0.3.0
    Upgrade to apiDoc 0.3.x.
  • 0.2.1
    remove this.async() (Iolo
  • 0.2.0
    Upgrade to apiDoc 0.2.x.
  • 0.1.2
    Grunt peer dependencies.
  • 0.1.1
    Change binary Name.
  • 0.1.0
    Initial release.


Please visit the main apiDoc project page on github for help and information.

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