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A dark Vim colorscheme

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kuroi.vim (黒い)

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A dark Vim colorscheme


  1. Copy colors/kuroi.vim to:


    or alternatively, use a plugin manger such as vim-plug, NeoBundle, Vundle, or Pathogen.

  2. Terminal color modes:

    256-color terminal

    To use the colorscheme in a 256-color terminal, add this to your ~/.vimrc:

    set t_Co=256

    True color terminal

    To use the true color mode, make sure to set this in your ~/.vimrc:

    set termguicolors

    This works in both true color terminals and GUI Vim clients such as GVim or MacVim.

    Tip: for some reason, Vim with termguicolors set inside Tmux might have a different background color (a little off) than the original background color. To work around this issue, please make sure you have this

    set -g
    terminal-overrides ",xterm-256color:Tc"
    in your tmux.conf file.
  3. Add to ~/.vimrc:

    set background=dark   "or use the light theme: set background=light
    colorscheme kuroi


This colorscheme is originally based on vim-hybrid. I only changed the color palette and some other properties.


  • [ ] Remove the light theme?
  • [ ] Remove hardcoded values
  • [ ] Refactor the code


Contributions are welcome. If you find something you want to change, open an issue or send a pull request.





Screenshot Ruby

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Screenshot Sails.js

Screenshot Vim terminal

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Screenshot light Ruby and Go

Screenshot light Ruby

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