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šŸŒµJavaScript diagramming library.

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JavaScript diagramming library

MIT License Language PRs Welcome

build coverage Language grade: JavaScript

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# npm
$ npm install @antv/x6 --save


$ yarn add @antv/x6


import { Graph } from '@antv/x6'

const graph = new Graph({ container: document.getElementById('container'), })

const source = graph.addNode({ x: 60, y: 60, width: 80, height: 40, label: 'Hello', })

const target = graph.addNode({ x: 240, y: 240, width: 80, height: 40, label: 'World', })

graph.addEdge({ source, target, })


# install yarn and lerna
$ npm install yarn -g
$ npm install lerna -g

install deps and build

$ yarn bootstrap

run tests

$ yarn test


$ yarn build

Experience Improvement Program Description

In order to serve the users better, x6 will send the URL and version information back to the AntV server:


Except for URL and x6 version information, no other information will be collected. You can also turn it off with the following code:

import { Config } from '@antv/x6'



Please let us know how can we help. Do check out issues for bug reports or suggestions first.

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