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Command-line tool and terminal JSON viewer πŸ”₯

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Command-line JSON processing tool


  • Easy to use
  • Standalone binary
  • Interactive mode πŸŽ‰
  • Streaming support 🌊


npm install -g fx

Or via Homebrew

bash brew install fx

Or download standalone binary from releases

bash bash 
## Usage

Start [interactive mode]( without passing any arguments.

bash $ curl ... | fx

Or by passing filename as first argument.

bash $ fx data.json

Pass a few JSON files.

bash cat foo.json bar.json baz.json | fx .message

Use full power of JavaScript.

bash $ curl ... | fx '.filter(x => x.startsWith("a"))'

Access all lodash (or ramda, etc) methods by using [.fxrc]( file.

bash $ curl ... | fx '_.groupBy("")' '_.mapValues(_.size)'

Update JSON using spread operator.

bash $ echo '{"count": 0}' | fx '{...this, count: 1}' { "count": 1 }

Print formatted JSON to stdout.

bash $ curl ... | fx .

Pipe JSON logs stream into fx.

bash $ kubectl logs ... -f | fx .message

And try this:

bash $ fx --life

## Documentation

See full [documentation](

## Links




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