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A Node.js wrapper around the Slack Webhook API.

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A simple, flexible Node.js wrapper around the Slack webhook API. Makes it easy to send notifications to Slack from your application.


npm install slack-notify


// Require module:

var MY_SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL = ''; var slack = require('slack-notify')(MY_SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL);

// Bundled notification types:

slack.bug('Something bad happened!'); // Posts to #bugs by default slack.success('Something good happened!'); // Posts to #alerts by default slack.alert('Something important happened!'); // Posts to #alerts by default slack.note('Here is a note.'); // Posts to #alerts by default

// Send custom fields which are nicely displayed by the Slack client:

slack.alert({ text: 'Current server stats', fields: { 'CPU usage': '7.51%', 'Memory usage': '254mb' } });

// The fields object is custom shorthand for the attachments array:

slack.alert({ text: 'Current server stats', attachments: [ { fallback: 'Required Fallback String', fields: [ { title: 'CPU usage', value: '7.51%', short: true }, { title: 'Memory usage', value: '254mb', short: true } ] } ] });

// Everything is overridable:

slack.send({ channel: '#myCustomChannelName', icon_url: '', text: 'Here is my notification', unfurl_links: 1, username: 'Jimmy' });

// Roll your own notification type:

var statLog = slack.extend({ channel: '#statistics', icon_emoji: ':computer:', username: 'Statistics' });

statLog({ text: 'Current server statistics', fields: { 'CPU usage': '7.51%', 'Memory usage': '254mb' } });

// Callbacks and a generic onError function are supported:

slack.alert('Hello', function (err) { if (err) { console.log('API error:', err); } else { console.log('Message received!'); } });

slack.onError = function (err) { console.log('API error:', err); };

Running the Test Suite

npm install
npm test


MIT. Copyright © 2014 Andrew Childs

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