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Git Notifier

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Git Notifier is a Sinatra app that makes possible to receive email notifications for interesting GitHub events.

The supported events are: - A user stars one of your repositories. - A user forks one of your repositories. - A user starts following you. - A user unfollows you. - A user that was following you was deleted.

Git Notifier lets a GitHub user signup via OAuth and choose which type of notifications the user wishes to receive and at which frequency (asap, or in a nice daily or weekly report).

You can take a look and use this project in production here:

Weekly report example

Weekly report example


This app is fully dockerized, using the same containers for dev, CI and production, on you local env you can use docker-compose like this:

Copy config/docker.env.example to config/docker.env and change the variables, then run:

$ docker-compose up # you can use the -d option to run it in background

At this point: - nginx should be listening on port 80 on the host where the docker daemon is running. - sidekiq will be running. - puma will be running. - redis will be running.

After registering a user using the web ui, you can initiate a one off check for new notifications or emails to be sent like this:

docker exec githubnotifier_sidekiq_1 bundle exec ruby /usr/src/app/scripts/job_enqueuer.rb

There's also a docker file you can use that does this in a while loop, it's

in the project root.


See here:


This project includes casperjs functional tests.

On your local machine, you can run the tests like this:

$ casperjs test test/casper/unauthenticated.js
$ casperjs test test/casper/authenticated.js --cookie=the-value-of-the-rack.session-cookie
$ casperjs test test/casper/signup.js --username=githubuser --password=githubpassword # make sure you start with a clean redis db

The ultimate goal is to mock the GitHub API calls and Redis calls in order to build a proper unit tests suite, but at least for now those tests make sure that the basic functionality isn't impaired by a broken commit.


This project is released under the MIT license. See the complete license:


Code contributions

If it's a feature that you think would need to be discussed please open an issue first, otherwise, you can follow this process:

  1. Fork the project ( ).
  2. Create a feature branch (
    git checkout -b my_branch
  3. Push your changes to your new branch (
    git push origin my_branch
  4. Initiate a pull request on github ( ).
  5. Your pull request will be reviewed and hopefully merged :).


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