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A photo browser for iOS inspired by Facebook.

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A photo browser for iOS6 and iOS7 inspired by Facebook iOS app.

Demo project included.

It currently supports: - Any number of images through a data source - Optional title and description (with support for long description through a 'See more' button) - Full screen view - Pinch to zoom in/out - Double tap to zoom in/out - Orientation changes - "Swipe up/down" to hide the photo browser - "Done/Action buttons" to dismiss the browser or perform a few operations on the selected image


The suggested way to install the component is using CocoaPods, just include the following line in your Podfile to get the latest version:

pod "AGPhotoBrowser"


There is a demo project included that shows how to use the photo browser. - import

in your class - create a new instance of
and set the delegate and the dataSource to your class - implement
- (NSInteger)numberOfPhotosForPhotoBrowser:(AGPhotoBrowserView *)photoBrowser
- (UIImage *)photoBrowser:(AGPhotoBrowserView *)photoBrowser imageAtIndex:(NSInteger)index
methods from the datasource - (optional) provide a title and a description for each image implementing
- (NSString *)photoBrowser:(AGPhotoBrowserView *)photoBrowser titleForImageAtIndex:(NSInteger)index
- (NSString *)photoBrowser:(AGPhotoBrowserView *)photoBrowser descriptionForImageAtIndex:(NSInteger)index
- show the browser calling the
- (void)show
- (void)showFromIndex:(NSInteger)initialIndex
methods - dismiss the photo browser with a completion block calling
- (void)hideWithCompletion:( void (^) (BOOL finished) )completionBlock


  • ~~add pinch to zoom gesture on images~~ (from 1.0.4, thanks @dtsolis)
  • ~~support orientation changes~~ (from 1.0.6)

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