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Convert Soundcloud playlist or user to podcast feed for PHP

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Convert Soundcloud playlist or user to podcast feed

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Manually Download

  1. Download PHPSoundcloud2Podcast.
  2. Install required dependencies with Composer:
    $ composer install
  3. Transfer souncloud url in url parameter:


  1. Install soundcloud2podcast:
    $ composer require amiad/soundcloud2podcast
  2. Create object:
require_once __DIR__.'/vendor/autoload.php';
new \Soundcloud2Podcast\Soundcloud2Podcast(url, cacheTime);
  • url
    url string Url to the souncloud page to convert.
  • cacheTime
    optional string Time to refresh the feed cache (example:
    30 minutes
    ). Default: 1 hour.



An MIT licensed version is available on xs:code.

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