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Cross-platform game engine.

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Alimer is a cross-platform 2D and 3D game engine implemented in C++17, inspired by Lumix and Urho3D


  • Cross-platform.
  • Modern graphics-rendering API using Direct3D11, Direct3D12 and Vulkan.


Alimer development, contributions and bugfixes by:

  • Amer Koleci

Uses the following open-source and third-party libraries:

  • SDL: SDL 2.0.14
  • stb: Single-file public domain (or MIT licensed) libraries
  • fmt: A modern formatting library
  • spdlog: Fast C++ logging library
  • glfw: A multi-platform library for OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Vulkan, window and input
  • Dear ImGui: Immediate Mode Graphical User Interface
  • SPIRV-Cross: Parses and converts SPIR-V to other shader languages
  • vma: Vulkan Memory Allocator
  • volk: Meta loader for Vulkan API
  • vulkan: Sources for the formal documentation of the Vulkan API
  • D3D12 Memory Allocator: D3D12 Memory Allocator
  • cxxopts: Lightweight C++ command line option parser
  • DirectX Headers Official MIT licensed DirectX Headers.

Additional inspiration, research or code used:

  • Lumix Engine
  • Vulkan examples from Sascha Willems (
  • Vulkan Samples (
  • Granite (
  • sokol (
  • Learn OpenGL (
  • DirectX Graphics samples (
  • DXRPathTracer (
  • EnTT (
  • EntityX (

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