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SLS Storage Plugin

This is the repository that contains object storage (Alibaba Could log service) plugin for Jaeger.


As a component of an observability/monitoring system, Jaeger is an essential source of data for development and operations students to locate and find problems and exceptions with the business system. As an SRE, we must ensure that the monitoring system lives longer than the system. Once the monitoring system is down before the business system, monitoring is entirely worthless. Monitoring is the last barrier for business exception analysis, and it is more sensitive to high availability and high performance than other systems.

The Alibaba Could log service(SLS) provides high performance, resilience, and freedom from operation and maintenance, allowing users to cope with surge traffic or inaccurate size assessment quickly, and the SLS service itself provides 99.9% availability and 11 out of 9 data reliability.

The Alibab Cloud log service :heart: Jaeger


Quick Start

You can follow the steps to use the plugin. We also provide an online demo to demonstrate the features of SLS Trace.

  1. Login Alibaba Cloud log service Console
  2. Create Project CrateProject
  3. Create Trace Instance CreateTraceInstance
  4. Modify Docker compose file ModifyConfigure
  5. Start Demo StartingDemo
  6. Having fun with Jaeger and SLS. :grinning: HavingFunWithJaegerAndSLS


In order to compile the plugin from source code you can use

go build
cd /path/to/jaeger-sls
go build


Executing the following command to start jaeger with Tenon Plugin

export ACCESS_KEY_ID: ""
export PROJECT: ""
export ENDPOINT: ""
export INSTANCE: ""


The SLS Storage gRPC Plugin for Jaeger is an MIT licensed open source project.

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