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kubexp (KubeExplorer)

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kubexp is a console user interface for kubernetes.



  • automatic update view when cluster changes
  • switch cluster
  • resource details and incremental search
  • following container logs
  • exec into container
  • pod port-forward
  • upload/download files to container
  • scale deployments, replicasets etc.
  • delete resources


You need a shell with access to kubernetes through kubectl. Kubexp uses the same configuration file (usually

) to connect to the k8s cluster(s).


Your service account must have a rolebinding to cluster admin in each k8s cluster. The file rbac-default-clusteradmin.yaml contains the according clusterrolebinding for the default service account:

kubectl apply -f rbac-default-clusteradmin.yaml

Option 1: get executable

Go to releases page and download the binary for your platform.

chmod +x kubexp

Option 2: running with docker

To run the kubexp container you need to mount the config file. Note, that when kubexp runs in a container the port-forward feature will not work.

docker run -it -v ~/.kube/config:/root/.kube/config alitari/kubexp:${KUBEXP_RELEASE}


  • use arrow keys to navigate and return key to toggle between the item list and item details
  • to get help in the user interface type 'h'
  • hit Space-Key to reconnect when resource is OFFLINE
  • resources in the menu are organized in categories, hit 'r' to change the category
  • get command line options with
    kubexp -help

building and running

set the GOOS environment variable according your os

# setup development environment
SRCDIR=${GOPATH:-${HOME}/go}/src/ && mkdir -p $SRCDIR && cd $SRCDIR
git clone && cd kubexp
# fetch dependencies
go get -v -t -d ./...

export GOOS="linux"

export GOOS="windows"

build executable

./ bin

execute linux


execute windows


execute tests

go test main/..


  • GOCUI go framework for console user interfaces

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