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🚀 Simple and friendly front-end development system(飞冰,简单而友好的前端研发体系 )

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A universal framework based on React.js


  • 🐒 Engineering:Out of the box support for ES6+、TypeScript、Less、Sass、 CSS Modules,etc
  • 🦊 Routing:Powerful Routing System, supports configured routing and conventions routing
  • 🐯 State management:Built-in icestore, lightweight state management solution based on React Hooks
  • 🐦 Config:Modes and Environment Variables configuration in the config file
  • 🐶 Logger:Built-in logger solution, it's a flexible abstraction over using
    as well
  • 🐱 Helpers:Built-in helpers, provide some useful utility functions
  • 🦁 Application configuration:Provide powerful and extensible application configuration
  • 🐴 Hooks:Provide Hooks APIs such as useModel and useHistory, etc
  • 🐌 Plugin system:The plugin system provides rich features and allow the community to build reusable solutions
  • 🐘 TypeScript:Support TypeScript
  • 🐂 Modern:Support SPA、SSR、MPA and Micro-frontend

Quick start

Setup by Iceworks

We recommend creating a new icejs app using Iceworks:

create icejs app

See Quick start by Iceworks for more details.

Setup by CLI

We recommend creating a new icejs app using create-ice, which sets up everything automatically for you. To create a project, run:

$ npm init ice <project-name>
npm init <initializer></initializer>

is available in npm 6+

Start local server to launch project:

$ cd <project-name>
$ npm install
$ npm run start # running on http://localhost:3333.

It's as simple as that!

Manual Setup

icejs is really easy to get started with. Install






in your project:

$ mkdir <project-name> &amp;&amp; cd <project-name>
$ npm install ice.js react react-dom



and add the following scripts:

{ "name": "project-name", "scripts": { "start": "icejs start", "build": "icejs build" }, "dependencies": { "ice.js": "^1.0.0", "react": "^16.12.0", "react-dom": "^16.12.0" } }

Create the


directory, then create the first page in



import React from 'react' const HomePage = () =\> { return 
Welcome to icejs!
} export default HomePage

Configure an application information in the


file, but it is optional:

import { createApp } from 'ice' const appConfig = { router: { type: 'browser', }, // more... } createApp(appConfig)

Finally, To start developing your application run

npm run start

. The application is now running on http://localhost:3333.



Please see our


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