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FlutterBoost is a Flutter plugin which enables hybrid integration of Flutter for your existing nativ...

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Release Note

Please checkout the release note for the latest 1.17.1 to see changes 1.17.1 release note


A next-generation Flutter-Native hybrid solution. FlutterBoost is a Flutter plugin which enables hybrid integration of Flutter for your existing native apps with minimum efforts.The philosophy of FlutterBoost is to use Flutter as easy as using a WebView. Managing Native pages and Flutter pages at the same time is non-trivial in an existing App. FlutterBoost takes care of page resolution for you. The only thing you need to care about is the name of the page(usually could be an URL). 


You need to add Flutter to your project before moving on.The version of the flutter SDK requires to match boost's version, or it will compile error.

boost version description

| Flutter Boost Release Version | Support Flutter SDK Version | Description | Support AndroidX? | | --------------------- | --------------------------- | ------------------------------------------------------------ | ------------------ | | 1.9.1+2 | 1.9.1-hotfixes | Rename the version number and start supporting androidx by default | Yes | | 1.12.13+3 | 1.12.13-hotfixes | 支持androidx | Yes | | 1.17.1 | 1.17.1 | 支持androidx | Yes |

| Flutter Boost Branch | Support Flutter SDK Version | Description | Support AndroidX? | | --------------------- | --------------------------- | ------------------------------------------------------------ | ------------------ | | v1.9.1-hotfixes | 1.9.1-hotfixes | for androidx | Yes | | v1.12.13-hotfixes | 1.12.13-hotfixes | for androidx | Yes | | v1.17.1-hotfixes | 1.17.1 | for androidx | Yes |

Getting Started

Add a dependency in you Flutter project.

Open you pubspec.yaml and add the following line to dependencies:

androidx branch

        url: 'https://github.com/alibaba/flutter_boost.git'
        ref: '1.17.1'

Boost Integration

Please see

  1. Boost detail example

  2. integrated document Integration


please read this document: FAQ


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.md file for details

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