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Aliyun Open Notification Service Client

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Aliyun Open Notification Service Client (base on opensource project RocketMQ)

Sub module of ali-sdk.


npm install ali-ons --save



'use strict';

const httpclient = require('urllib'); const Consumer = require('ali-ons').Consumer; const consumer = new Consumer({ httpclient, accessKeyId: 'your-accessKeyId', accessKeySecret: 'your-AccessKeySecret', consumerGroup: 'your-consumer-group', // namespace: '', // aliyun namespace support // isBroadcast: true, });

consumer.subscribe(config.topic, '*', async msg => { console.log(receive message, msgId: ${msg.msgId}, body: ${msg.body.toString()}) // return Consumer.ACTION_RETRY; // you can return ACTION_RETRY, then this message will be directly retried });

consumer.on('error', err => console.log(err));


'use strict';
const httpclient = require('urllib');
const Producer = require('ali-ons').Producer;
const Message = require('ali-ons').Message;

const producer = new Producer({ httpclient, accessKeyId: 'your-accessKeyId', accessKeySecret: 'your-AccessKeySecret', producerGroup: 'your-producer-group', // namespace: '', // aliyun namespace support });

(async () => { const msg = new Message('your-topic', // topic 'TagA', // tag 'Hello ONS !!! ' // body );

// set Message#keys msg.keys = ['key1'];

// delay consume // msg.setStartDeliverTime( + 5000);

const sendResult = await producer.send(msg); console.log(sendResult); })().catch(err => console.error(err))

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