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HN Search powered by Algolia

This is the Rails 5 application providing HN Search. It's leveraging react on the frontend, algoliasearch-rails for the search and uses wkhtmltoimage to crawl+render thumbnails.


We love pull-requests :)


# clone the repository
git clone
cd hn-search

install dependencies

bundle install

setup credentials

cp config/database.example.yml config/database.yml # feel free to edit, default configuration is OK for search-only cp config/application.example.yml config/application.yml # feel free to edit, default configuration is OK for search-only

setup your (sqlite3) database

bundle exec rake db:migrate

start contributing enjoying Guard (watchers, livereload, notifications, ...)

bundle exec guard


open http://localhost:3000


If you want to contribute to the UI, the only directory you need to look at is

. This directory contains all the JS, HTML & CSS code.


To deploy, we're using capistrano and therefore you need SSH access to the underlying machines and run from your own computer:

bundle exec cap deploy

There is currently (December 2018) a bug with

stopping the deployment. To workaround it, you need to force a restart with the following command instead:
bundle exec cap deploy:restart

There seems to as well be an issue with thin server, where after deployment orphaned thin processes are not killed. This means that the server tries serving previous version of the app and causes

as the manifest points to no longer existing files. To fix the intermittent errors, you need to ssh to both servers, check for any orphaned thin processes and kill them manually.
ps aux | grep thin

Indexing Configuration

The indexing is configured using the following

class Item < ActiveRecord::Base
  include AlgoliaSearch

algoliasearch per_environment: true do # the list of attributes sent to Algolia's API attribute :created_at, :title, :url, :author, :points, :story_text, :comment_text, :author, :num_comments, :story_id, :story_title attribute :created_at_i do created_at.to_i end

# `title` is more important than `{story,comment}_text`, `{story,comment}_text` more than `url`, `url` more than `author`
# btw, do not take into account position in most fields to avoid first word match boost
attributesToIndex ['unordered(title)', 'unordered(story_text)', 'unordered(comment_text)', 'unordered(url)', 'author', 'created_at_i']

# list of attributes to highlight
attributesToHighlight ['title', 'story_text', 'comment_text', 'url', 'story_url', 'author', 'story_title']

# tags used for filtering
tags do
  [item_type, "author_#{author}", "story_#{story_id}"]

# use associated number of HN points to sort results (last sort criteria)
customRanking ['desc(points)', 'desc(num_comments)']

# controls the way results are sorted sorting on the following 4 criteria (one after another)
# I removed the 'exact' match critera (improve 1-words query relevance, doesn't fit HNSearch needs)
ranking ['typo', 'proximity', 'attribute', 'custom']

# google+, $1.5M raises, C#: we love you
separatorsToIndex '+#$'


def story_text item_type_cd != Item.comment ? text : nil end

def story_title comment? && story ? story.title : nil end

def story_url comment? && story ? story.url : nil end

def comment_text comment? ? text : nil end

def comment? item_type_cd == Item.comment end end


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