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⚡️ A fully-featured and blazing-fast Python API client to interact with Algolia.

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Algolia for Python

The perfect starting point to integrate Algolia within your Python project

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✨ Features

  • Thin & minimal low-level HTTP client to interact with Algolia's API
  • Supports Python:
    , and
  • Contains blazing-fast asynchronous methods built on top of the Asyncio

💡 Getting Started

First, install Algolia Python API Client via the pip package manager:

pip install --upgrade 'algoliasearch>=2.0,<3.0'

Then, create objects on your index: ```py from algoliasearch.search_client import SearchClient

client = SearchClient.create('YourApplicationID', 'YourAPIKey') index = client.initindex('yourindex_name')

index.save_objects([{'objectID': 1, 'name': 'Foo'}]) ```

Finally, you may begin searching a object using the

objects ='Fo')

For full documentation, visit the Algolia Python API Client.

❓ Troubleshooting

Encountering an issue? Before reaching out to support, we recommend heading to our FAQ where you will find answers for the most common issues and gotchas with the client.

📄 License

Algolia Python API Client is an open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

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