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:open_file_folder: Webpack 4 based boilerplate for building apps

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Webpack Pug SCSS Boilerplate

A webpack 4 based boilerplate for building web apps.


Note: There is also the feature/modern-bundle branch where

produces two production bundles (legacy & modern). It is experimental so use it with caution.


  • Clone the repo via
    git clone
  • cd webpack-pug-scss-boilerplate
  • Run
    yarn install
    to fetch all the dependencies
  • Run
    yarn start
    to start the webpack-dev-server (
    will be opened automatically)
  • Start developing
  • When you are done, run
    yarn build
    to get the prod version of your app
  • If you want to analyze your production bundle, run
    yarn run analyze
    to kick off webpack-bundle-analyzer

Multiple pages:

With a few tweaks, you can use this boilerplate for multi-page apps. Suppose you have the following project structure:

|   |-about.pug
|   |-index.js
  1. Make the following tweaks to the
    : ```javascript // webpack.config.js

// ...

const commonConfig = merge([ // ...

plugins: [
  // 1. Remove this plugin
  new HtmlPlugin({
    template: './index.pug'
  new FriendlyErrorsPlugin(),
  new StylelintPlugin(lintStylesOptions)

// ...


// ...

// 2. Call
for each page with necessary options const pages = [{ title: 'Home', entry: { home: }, template: path.join(, 'index.pug'),
  // An array of chunks to include in the page
  chunks: ['home', 'runtime', 'vendors']
  title: 'About',
  path: 'about',
  entry: {
    about: path.join(, 'about')
  template: path.join(, 'about/about.pug'),

chunks: ['about', 'runtime', 'vendors'] })


// ...

module.exports = env => { process.env.NODE_ENV = env

const config = env === 'production'
  ? productionConfig
  : developmentConfig

// 3. Merge these pages into the final config return merge(commonConfig, config, ...pages)

} ```

For details, please see
source and html-webpack-plugin docs.
  1. For the live reload to work, you need to include the following snippet into every
    file (for each page):
  if (process.env.NODE_ENV !== 'production') {

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