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Python bindings for Musicbrainz' NGS webservice

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Musicbrainz NGS bindings

This library implements webservice bindings for the Musicbrainz NGS site, also known as /ws/2 and the

Cover Art Archive 

For more information on the musicbrainz webservice see



.. code:: python

# Import the module
import musicbrainzngs

If you plan to submit data, authenticate

musicbrainzngs.auth("user", "password")

Tell musicbrainz what your app is, and how to contact you

(this step is required, as per the webservice access rules

at )

musicbrainzngs.set_useragent("Example music app", "0.1", "")

If you are connecting to a different server


See the
file for more examples.

More documentation is available at

Read the Docs 


If you want to contribute to this repository, please read

contribution guidelines
_ first.


These bindings were written by

Alastair Porter 
_. Contributions have been made by:
  • Adrian Sampson 
  • Corey Farwell 
  • Galen Hazelwood 
  • Greg Ward 
  • Ian McEwen 
  • Jérémie Detrey 
  • Johannes Dewender 
  • Michael Marineau 
  • Patrick Speiser 
  • Pavan Chander 
  • Paul Bailey 
  • Rui Gonçalves 
  • Ryan Helinski 
  • Sam Doshi 
  • Shadab Zafar 
  • Simon Chopin 
  • Thomas Vander Stichele 
  • Wieland Hoffmann 


This library is released under the simplified BSD license except for the file

which is licensed under the ISC license. See COPYING for details.

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