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a minimalist starter repo for React and Node to deploy to heroku

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React + Node Starter

for Heroku deployment


This is a simple starter to get you up and running for React projects. This is intended to provide:

  • a lightweight Webpack config (for development and production)
  • some helpful tooling for development workflow
  • a similar setup to what you'll see in the wild
  • Heroku-ready deployment setup


Install dependencies:

$ npm install
$ yarn

Fire up a development server:

$ yarn dev

Once the server is running, you can visit



This assumes you have eslint and eslint-watch installed. If you don't, run the following:

$ npm i -g eslint eslint-watch
or if you need permissions:
$ sudo npm i -g eslint eslint-watch

To run the linter once:

$ yarn lint

To run the watch task:

$ yarn lint:watch


An initial test suite has been setup with two tests (one passing and one intentionally failing). We're using Jest and Enzyme for our test setup. The basic test setup lives in

. The main configuration for Jest lives at the bottom of
. I've also added a few handy scripts, which I've listed below. Jest also gives us a test coverage tool for free, so I've added that too. The setup is at the bottom of
. Everything is set to 90% coverage, but your welcome to update that to whatever you'd like.

To run the tests once:

$ yarn test

To run the watch script (for only relevant test files)

$ yarn test:watch

To run the watch script (for all test files)

$ yarn test:watchAll

To view the coverage report:

$ yarn test:coverage:report


If you'd like to run the linter and tests at once (this is a nice check before pushing to Github or deploys), you can run:

$ yarn review

Production Build

To build your production assets and run the server:

$ yarn start


v2.0.0 This app has been updated to use React v.16.0.0! 🎉

Major Changes: * Updates React and ReactDOM to v16 * Replaces Mocha with Jest * Adds

and updates Babel config * Colocates tests with components

Minor Changes: * Updates all other dependencies to latest * Allows absolute import paths * Adds new test scripts * Adds test coverage

v1.1.0 This app has been updated to use React v15.6 and Webpack 3.5! 🎉

Major Changes: * Updates React and ReactDOM to v15.6 * Updates Webpack to v3.5

Minor Changes: * Updates all other dependencies to latest * Updates App.js syntax * Updates eslint rules * Updates server.js * Updates README

v1.0.0 This app has been updated to use React v15.5 and Webpack 2.3! 🎉

Major Changes: * Updates React and ReactDOM to v15.5 * Updates Webpack to v2.3 * Enables hot-reloading for local development * Adds initial test suite with Enzyme, Expect, and Mocha

Minor Changes: * Updates all other dependencies to latest * Updates eslint rules * Updates npm scripts * Refactors server.js * Updates README

v.0.2.0 This app has been updated to use React v15 and Babel v6! I have also updated the file structure to reflect naming conventions you'll most likely see in other applications. If you'd like to go back to v.0.0.1 (which should've been named 0.1.0), you can find go back to this commit.


This app is set up for deployment to Heroku!

This assumes you have already have a Heroku account and have the Heroku CLI installed

$ heroku login
$ heroku create -a name-of-your-app
$ git push heroku master
$ heroku open

Heroku will follow the

command in your
and compile assets with
. It runs the Express web server in

If you're unfamiliar with Heroku deployment (or just need a refresher), they have a really great walkthrough here.


If you're looking for a similar, minimalistic Redux starter, I would recommend Marc Garreau's here

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