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Access OS metrics from Golang,

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StatGo give you access to OS metrics like network interface bandwith, cpus usage ...
It supports FreeBSD, Linux, OSX & more, it's in fact a libstatgrab binding for Golang.
Tested on FreeBSD, OSX, Linux amd64, Linux arm.


You need at least libstatgrab 0.91, Debian & Ubuntu only have 0.90 ...

On Debian/Ubunt & OSX, you can simply install libstatgrab with the usual commands:

./configure --prefix=/usr/local
sudo make install

You may have to set CGOLDFLAGS and CGOCFLAGS environment according to your path:

export CGO_CFLAGS=-I/usr/local/include
export CGO_LDFLAGS=-L/usr/local/lib

Note: On OSX you need to install gcc to access cgo.

go get


s := NewStat()
OSName: Darwin
OSRelease:  14.4.0
OSVersion:  Darwin Kernel Version 14.4.0: Thu May 28 11:35:04 PDT 2015; root:xnu-2782.30.5~1/RELEASE_X86_64
Platform:   x86_64
HostName:   kamoulox
NCPUs:      4
MaxCPUs:    4
BitWidth:   64

s.CPUStats() User: 7.500000 Kernel: 2.500000 Idle: 90.000000 IOWait 0.000000 Swap: 0.000000 Nice: 0.000000 LoadMin1: 2.206055 LoadMin5: 2.031250 LoadMin15: 1.970703

s.FSInfos()[0] DeviceName: /dev/disk1 FSType: hfs MountPoint: / Size: 249769230336 Used: 224367140864 Free: 25402089472 Available: 25139945472 TotalInodes: 60978814 UsedInodes: 54841132 FreeInodes: 6137682 AvailableInodes: 6137682

s.InterfaceInfos()[0] Name: en2 Speed: 0 Factor: 1000000 Duplex: Full Duplex State: UP

s.MemStats() Total: 16649420800 Free: 4323848192 Used: 12325572608 Cache: 0 SwapTotal: 3221225472 SwapUsed: 2528378880 SwapFree: 692846592

s.NetIOStats() IntName: en0 TX: 2310272606 RX: 3336240203 IPackets: 114473581 OPackets: 129430304 IErrors: 0 OErrors: 0 Collisions: 0

s.ProcessStats() Total: 343 Running: 335 Sleeping: 0 Stopped: 0 Zombie: 8

s.PagesStats() PageIn: 90173695 PageOut: 90173695


  • [x] Host infos
  • [x] cpu stats
  • [x] load average
  • [x] network interfaces infos
  • [x] mem stats
  • [x] swap stat
  • [x] io stats
  • [x] net io stats
  • [x] process count
  • [x] page stats


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