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A collection of JS interview questions updated every day

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JavaScript Job Interview Questions

This repo contains a number of JavaScript interview questions that can be used for interview prep or when vetting potential candidates.

Some suggested answers along with relevant resources are posted in the answers folder. You can also submit answers to questions as a contributor.

Table of Contents

  1. General Questions
  2. Architecture & Patterns
  3. Browser & DOM
  4. ES6
  5. Functional & Asynchronous Programming
  6. Tricky Questions
  7. Best Practices & Optimization
  8. Algorithms & Data Structures
  9. CSS & UI
  10. React & Redux
  11. Angular
  12. Angular2

Getting Involved

  1. Contributors

General Questions

Architecture & Patterns

Browser & DOM


Functional & Asynchronous Programming

Tricky Questions

Best Practices & Optimization

Algorithms & Data Structures

Graphs, Trees and Binary Search Trees * How can you check if a tree is a binary tree? * What is the difference between traversing a tree breadth first and depth first?


React & Redux


This repo is currently maintained by AJ Zawawi

Contributors: Daniel Chang

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