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Cross-platform game engine with Vulkan backend

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Flex Engine is a personal game engine I began work on in February 2017. I use it as a playground for learning about real-time techniques. I try to keep master reasonably stable, and therefore update it infrequently. See development for the latest changes.

Notable Features

  • Vulkan and OpenGL backends
  • Signed-distance field font generation & rendering
  • Physically based shading model
  • Image based lighting
  • Screen-space ambient occlusion
  • Stable cascaded shadow mapping
  • Conditional checksum-based shader compilation
  • Scene editor with serialization
  • Profiling tools
  • In-game scripting language
  • GPU particles (compute shader)

Basic implementation of Cascaded Shadow Mapping

Two million particles updated and rendered entirely on the GPU, utilizing the compute stage

Profiler overlay showing a breakdown the CPU-time of a single frame

Some of the editor windows

Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO)

GBuffer (top-left to bottom-right): position, albedo, normal, final image, depth, metallic, AO, roughness

See more screenshots here

Building Flex



Flex Engine uses the following open-source libraries: - Bullet - Collision detection & rigid body simulation - FreeType - Font loading - glfw - Window creation, input handling - glm - Math operations - ImGui - User interface - OpenAL - Audio loading and playback - stb - Image loading - cgltf - Mesh loading - volk - Vulkan meta-loader


Flex engine is released under The MIT License. See for details.


A huge thank you must be given to the following individuals and organizations for their incredibly useful resources: - Baldur Karlsson of - Alexander Overvoorde of - Sascha Willems of - Joey de Vries of - Andrew Maximov for the pistol model and textures - for the high-quality PBR textures - All authors and contributors to the open-source libraries mentioned above


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