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A Sketch plugin that lets you easily copy & paste width, height, x & y values from and to objects

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Sketch Copy Paste Position & Size

A Sketch plugin that lets you easily copy & paste width, height, x & y values from and to objects!


Using Copy Paste Position & Size

How to use

Just run 'Copy' ctrl + shift + c to store an object's width, height, x & y axis for reuse. Select another layer and use one of the 'Paste' plugins. For example ctrl + shift + v) will paste the size to the selected object(s).

Multiple layer support for copying (will store the selection bounds) as well as pasting. The following actions are available:


| Action | Shortcut | | :------- | :---- | | Copy* | ctrl + shift + c | | Paste Size | ctrl + shift + v | | Paste Width | ctrl + shift + w | | Paste Height | ctrl + shift + h | | Paste X | ctrl + shift + x | | Paste Y | ctrl + shift + y | | Paste Position (X & Y) | ctrl + shift + p | | Paste Width Porportionally** | ctrl + shift + alt + w | | Paste Height Porportionally** | ctrl + shift + alt + h |

*The values are copied within Sketch and won't interfere with your OS' clipboard. **Paste proportionally will respect the selected layer's aspect ratio.


  1. Download the latest release.
  2. Run ‘Copy Paste Position Size.sketchplugin’ to install

Thanks to

This plugin is inspired by John Dunning's Copy Paste WHXY, a Fireworks plugin I've used for a long time!


If you find any issues or have any suggestions, please create an issue. Pull requests are welcome also!

Created by

Andre Jilderda

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