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No longer maintained.

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No longer maintained.

How to develop

  1. npm i
  2. npm start
  3. open application in build directory
  4. add some react components and styles
  5. reload application (⌘+R)

Electron api calling

To call Electron's api, it is necessary to use window.require because, browserify rewrites require statement.


var remote = window.require( 'remote' );



npm run refactor
to refactor the code in accordance to jscs preset specified in the



npm run lint
to run a linter through the codebase. The linter will check the codebase as specified in the configuration file named
. Fix all reported errors prior to committing code.

An example of a

  "ecmaFeatures": {
    "blockBindings": true,
    "jsx": true
  "rules": {
    "semi": 2

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