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HtmlUnit and WebDriver extensions to enable in-process testing of web applications

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In-process web application tester

Inproctester provides HtmlUnit and WebDriver extensions to enable testing of a web application in-processs. It simulates a j2ee servlet container to enable a standard j2ee web application to run within a test process. Inproctester uses jetty behind the scenes, however it allows to dispatch requests to the web application under test directly, bypassing any socket and http layer.

Note on jersey

Inproctester provides a jersey-client implementation that allows requests to be dispatched directly to a jersey-based web service packaged as a j2ee web application. However jersey could also be used independently from a servlet container. E.g. it could be deployed with simpleweb []. Jersey-based web services are testable in memory out of the box, using jersey-test framework without the need to simulate a j2ee web environment [].

The standard jersey-test framework does not however provide a WebDriver interface that would allow to test html if jersey is used for html generation. The sibling jerseytester project [] provides such WebDriver extensions for jersey-test framework.



The latest release of inproctester is 1.0.14, released on 29-Aug-2012. The compiled binaries are available via central maven repository.



Inprocess web application tester is distributed under the terms of Apache License, Version 2.0: []

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