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Lithology and stratigraphic logs for wells or outcrop.

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Lithology and stratigraphic logs for wells and outcrop.

  • A blog post about striplog 
  • Another one, with a video 


  • Read The Docs 


These are best installed with Anaconda, see Install, below.

  • NumPy 
  • matplotlib 


  • pip install striplog

I recommend setting up a virtual environment:

  • Install
    _ if you don't have it already
  • Then do this to create an environment called

    (or whatever you like), answering Yes to the confirmation question::

    conda create -n myenv python=3.5 numpy matplotlib source activate myenv

  • Then you can do::

    pip install striplog

Development: setting up for testing

There are other requirements for testing, as listed in
. They should install with::
python test

But I had better luck doing

conda install pytest

The tests can be run with::


Development: running the bleeding edge

To run the latest version of the code, you should be on the

git clone
cd striplog
git checkout develop

You probably want to continue in your virtual environment (see above).

Then I use these commands, which you can join with

if you like, to keep the software up to date:
/usr/bin/yes | pip uninstall striplog     # Of course you don't need this one if you didn't install it yet.
python sdist
pip install dist/striplog-0.6.1.tar.gz    # Or whatever was the last version to build.

SciPy 2015

Here's a presentation about Striplog. 

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