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Add content management functionality to any site - plug & play / headless / api-first CMS

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  • PHP >= 7.3
  • PDO + SQLite (or MongoDB)
  • GD extension
  • modrewrite, modversions enabled (on apache)

make also sure that $SERVER['DOCUMENTROOT'] exists and is set correctly.


  1. Download Cockpit and put the cockpit folder in the root of your web project
  2. Make sure that the /cockpit/storage folder and all its subfolders are writable
  3. Go to /cockpit/install via Browser
  4. You're ready to use Cockpit :-)

Build (Only if you modify JS components)

You need nodejs installed on your system.

First run

npm install
to install development dependencies
  1. Run
    npm run build
    - For one-time build of styles and components
  2. Run
    npm run watch
    - For continuous build every time styles or components change

Dockerized Development

You need docker installed on your system:

  1. Run
    npm run docker-init
    to build the initial image.
  2. Run
    npm run docker
    to start an Apache environment suited for Cockpit on port 8080 (this folder mapped to /var/www/html).

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