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A lightweight class to add to WordPress plugins/themes to automatically install plugin dependencies.

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WP Dependency Installer

This is a drop in class for developers to optionally or automatically install plugin dependencies for their own plugins or themes. It can install a plugin from, GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, Gitea, or a direct URL.

Comprehensive information regarding WP Dependency Installer is available on the wiki.

See also: example plugin.


You can use composer to install this package within your WordPress plugin / theme.

  1. Within your plugin or theme root folder, run the following command:
composer require afragen/wp-dependency-installer
  1. Then create a sample
    "name": "GitHub Updater",
    "host": "github",
    "slug": "github-updater/github-updater.php",
    "uri": "afragen/github-updater",
    "branch": "develop",
    "required": true,
    "token": null
    "name": "Query Monitor",
    "host": "wordpress",
    "slug": "query-monitor/query-monitor.php",
    "uri": "",
    "optional": true
    "name": "Local Development",
    "host": "WordPress",
    "slug": "local-development/local-development.php",
    "uri": "",
    "required": true

You will then need to update

to suit your requirements.
  1. Finally add the following lines to your plugin or theme's
require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
WP_Dependency_Installer::instance( __DIR__ )->run();

// Needed in theme's functions.php file. add_filter( 'pand_theme_loader', '__return_true' );

  1. (optional) Take a look at some of built in Hooks and Functions to further customize your plugin look and behaviour:
 * Display your plugin or theme name in dismissable notices.
  function( $label, $source ) {
    $label = basename( __DIR__ ) !== $source ? $label : __( 'Group Plugin Installer', 'group-plugin-installer' );
    return $label;
  }, 10, 2
  1. Sanity Check
// Sanity check for WPDI v3.0.0.
if ( ! method_exists( 'WP_Dependency_Installer', 'json_file_decode' ) ) {
   function() {
     $class   = 'notice notice-error is-dismissible';
     $label   = __( 'Your Plugin Name', 'your-plugin' );
     $file    = ( new ReflectionClass( 'WP_Dependency_Installer' ) )->getFilename();
     $message = __( 'Another theme or plugin is using a previous version of the WP Dependency Installer library, please update this file and try again:', 'group-plugin-installer' );
     printf( '

[%2$s] %3$s

', esc_attr( $class ), esc_html( $label ), esc_html( $message ), esc_html( $file ) ); }, 1 ); return false; // Exit early. }

That's it, happy blogging!


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