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πŸ“… Custom responsive date picker widget for Android, written in Kotlin.

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Date Picker

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Gradle Dependency

dependencies {
  implementation 'com.afollestad:date-picker:0.6.1'


Android includes a stock

in its framework, however this widget is very stubborn. It does not adapt to different view widths, making it difficult to use in modern UI. This library solves for that by creating a custom implementation, written completely in Kotlin.


It's simple, just add a

to your layout (with the fully qualified package name):

There are a few basic getters and setters:

val datePicker: DatePicker = // ...

val selectedDate: Calendar? = datePicker.getDate()

datePicker.setDate( year = 2019, month = Calendar.JUNE, selectedDate = 17 ) datePicker.setDate(Calendar.getInstance())


You can configure basic theme properties from your layout:

(Note that in order for datepickerselection_vibrates=true to have an effect, your app needs to declare the

permission in its manifest.)


val datePicker: DatePicker = // ...

datePicker.addOnDateChanged { previousDate, newDate-> // this library provides convenience extensions to Calendar like month, year, and dayOfMonth too. }

// Removes all callbacks you've added previously with addOnDateChanged(...) datePicker.clearOnDateChanged()

Min and Max Dates

val datePicker: DatePicker = // ...

val minDate = datePicker.getMinDate() datePicker.setMinDate( year = 2019, month = Calendar.JUNE, date = 17 ) datePicker.setMinDate(Calendar.getInstance())

val maxDate = datePicker.getMaxDate() datePicker.setMaxDate( year = 2019, month = Calendar.JUNE, date = 20 ) datePicker.setMaxDate(Calendar.getInstance())

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