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A beautiful web dashboard for Linux

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A simple & low-overhead web dashboard for linux systems

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  • Small ----- Under 400KB on disk (with .git removed)!
  • Simple ---- A minimalist, beautiful dashboard
  • Easy ------ Drop-in installation
  • Versatile -- Choose your stack from Node.js, Go, Python, PHP


Step 1

## 1. clone the repo
git clone --depth 1

2. go to the cloned directory

cd linux-dash/app/server

OR, if you prefer to download manually:

## 1. Download the .zip
curl -LOk && unzip

2. navigate to downloaded & unzipped dir

cd linux-dash-master/app/server

Step 2

See instructions for preferred server linux-dash server (all included):

If Using Node.js

## install dependencies
npm install --production

start linux-dash (on port 80 by default; may require sudo)

You may change this with the LINUX_DASH_SERVER_PORT environment variable (eg. LINUX_DASH_SERVER_PORT=8080 node server)

or provide a --port flag to the command below

Additionally, the server will listen on every network interface (

You may change this with the LINUX_DASH_SERVER_HOST environment variable (eg. LINUX_DASH_SERVER_HOST= node server)

or provide a --host flag to the command below

node index.js

If Using Go

## start the server (on port 80 by default; may require sudo)
go run index.go

To build a binary, run

go build && ./server -h
. See @tehbilly's notes here for binary usage options

If Using Python

# Start the server (on port 80 by default; may require sudo).

If Using PHP

  1. Make sure you have the
    , and
    functions enabled
  2. Point your web server to
    directory under
  3. Restart your web server (Apache, nginx, etc.)


For general help, please use the Gitter chat room.


It is strongly recommended that all linux-dash installations be protected via a security measure of your choice.

Linux Dash does not provide any security or authentication features.

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