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Elixir full node implementation of the aeternity specification

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This implementation aims to be a aims to be a full node that complies with the aeternity specification, in the current state this is not ready yet and should never be used to join the aeternity network.

Aeternity Elixir Full Node

This is an elixir full node implementation of the aeternity specification.

Compatibility to the erlang aeternity implementation is documented in docs/

Getting started

Required packages

Elixir 1.6 with Erlang/OTP20 is the basis of the project

Rust is needed for persistent storage dependency

libsodium 1.0.16 is needed for elliptic curve support

sudo apt-get install autoconf autogen libtool libgmp3-dev lsof
wget -O libsodium-src.tar.gz
mkdir libsodium-src && tar -zxf libsodium-src.tar.gz -C libsodium-src --strip-components=1
cd libsodium-src && ./configure && make && make check && sudo make install && cd ..

Fetching dependencies

mix deps.get

Starting the application

Start the application in interactive Elixir - Development config:

make iex-0
- Production config:
MIX_ENV=prod make iex-0

The default sync port is 3015, this can be adjusted using

SYNC_PORT=some_port iex -S mix phx.server
. The node will run an http api at
, this can be adjusted using
PORT=some_port iex -S mix phx.server


Elixir interactive api-calls

  • Miner.resume()
    to start the miner
  • Miner.suspend()
    to stop the miner
  • Miner.mine_sync_block_to_chain()
    mine the next block
  • Chain.top_block()
    to get the top block of the current chain
  • Chain.top_block_chain_state()
    to get the top block chainstate
  • Chain.chain_state(block_hash)
    to get the chainstate of certain block
  • Pool.get_pool()
    to get all transactions from the pool
  • Peers.all_peers()
    to get all connected peers
  • Peers.try_connect(%{host: host, port: port, pubkey: pubkey})
    to manually connect a new peer
  • Peers.get_info_try_connect(uri)
    to connect to another elixir node, providing a get connection info interface

Running the tests

Run the testsuite with

mix test


Debug, error, warning and info logs is found in


Docker Container


are found in the base directory, prebuilt images are not yet published.
  • Build container
    docker build . -t elixir-node
  • Run node in container

    docker run --name elixir-node -it -p 4000:4000 -p 3015:3015 elixir-node
  • Run multiple nodes network with docker compose

    docker-compose up
    runs 3 connected nodes, with 2 mining

Detailed Usage


Developer Documentation


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