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A simple Python menu system for building terminal user interfaces.

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A simple Python menu-based UI system for terminal applications. Perfect for those times when you need a menu-driven program, but don’t want the overhead or learning curve of a full-fledged GUI framework.

Derived from the curses-menu project, but with curses dependency removed.

.. image:: ./images/console-menu_screenshot1.png

.. image:: ./images/console-menu_screenshot2.png

Installation ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tested on Python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5, and 3.6, as well as pypy and pypy 3.

Installation can be performed by running pip

.. code:: shell

pip install console-menu


It's designed to be pretty simple to use. Here's an example

.. code:: python

# Import the necessary packages
from consolemenu import *
from consolemenu.items import *

Create the menu

menu = ConsoleMenu("Title", "Subtitle")

Create some items

MenuItem is the base class for all items, it doesn't do anything when selected

menu_item = MenuItem("Menu Item")

A FunctionItem runs a Python function when selected

function_item = FunctionItem("Call a Python function", input, ["Enter an input"])

A CommandItem runs a console command

command_item = CommandItem("Run a console command", "touch hello.txt")

A SelectionMenu constructs a menu from a list of strings

selection_menu = SelectionMenu(["item1", "item2", "item3"])

A SubmenuItem lets you add a menu (the selection_menu above, for example)

as a submenu of another menu

submenu_item = SubmenuItem("Submenu item", selection_menu, menu)

Once we're done creating them, we just add the items to the menu

menu.append_item(menu_item) menu.append_item(function_item) menu.append_item(command_item) menu.append_item(submenu_item)

Finally, we call show to show the menu and allow the user to interact

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.. code:: shell

pip install -r requirements-docs.txt pip install -v -e . pytest

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