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Primefaces admin theme based on Admin LTE and Bootstrap

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A PrimeFaces theme to

them all!

image:[Build Status (Travis CI), link=] image:["Maven Central",link=""] image:[link=""]

This project is a[Primefaces^]

theme based on[Admin LTE^] and[Bootstrap^].


== Introduction

This theme is a css file containing Admin LTE and Bootstrap as well as customized Primefaces components to make them look like AdminLTE and Bootstrap.

== Usage

. Just add it to your application classpath: +


com.github.adminfaces admin-theme   1.0.0 <!--dev uncompressed theme.css-->

+ . Add this context-param in your web.xml:

primefaces.THEME admin

TIP: If you use[Admin Template^] there is no need to add admin-theme to your classpath neither the web.xml entry.

== Architecture

The theme uses[less^] as css pre-processor. Each PrimeFaces component has its own less file:


├── admin-lte │ | │ ├── bootstrap <1> │ │ │ ├── skins <2> │ │ │ └── admin lte less files │ ├── primefaces-admin │ | │ ├─ components <3> │ │ | │ │ ├── accordeon.less │ │ │ │ │ ├── autocomplete.less │ │ │ │ │ └── etc... │ │ │ ├─ theme.less <4> │ │

└─ variables.less

<1> Bootstrap variables and[mixins^] are used as reference in AdminLTE and admin theme less files <2> Built in skins <3> PrimeFaces components <4> Components and Admin-LTE less files are included in theme.less

After compilation it will generate the theme.css with Admin-LTE, Bootstrap and Primefaces components.

NOTE: Bootstrap.css (from src/META-INF/resources) is included in theme.less but can be removed via maven classifiers

NOTE: Bootstrap less is not maintained in this project only it's mixins.

== Theme classifiers

This project uses[maven classifiers^] to offer multiple

(pum intended) of Admin Theme. Below is the description of each classifier and how to use it.

=== Default (no classifier) The default theme comes

, with
Bootstrap (3.3.7)
embedded and uses
JSF resource handling
for loading images and web fonts.

.Maven usage


com.github.adminfaces admin-theme 1.0.0

=== Dev classifier


classifier will bring a theme.css without minification.

.Maven usage


com.github.adminfaces admin-theme 1.0.0 dev

=== Without Bootstrap classifier


classifier will bring a theme.css without bootstrap embedded so it's up to the developer to provide Bootstrap within the application.

.Maven usage


com.github.adminfaces admin-theme 1.0.0 without-bootstrap

=== Without JSF classifier


classifier will bring a theme.css without JSF resource handling so the theme can be used on projects (derived from PrimeFaces) without JSF like Prime React, PrimeUI or PrimeNG.

.Maven usage


com.github.adminfaces admin-theme 1.0.0 without-jsf

=== No Fonts classifier


web fonts such as
Source Sans Pro
were embedded inside the theme instead of being queried from a[CDN^].

This makes the theme work offline or in environments with limited access to the internet but on the other hand results in a larger jar file,

when fonts are not in the theme.

So if you want a thinner theme you can use the no-fonts classifier:


com.github.adminfaces admin-theme 1.0.0 no-fonts

== Avoiding theme caching

Whenever the theme is updated to a new version in the project users may have to clear their browser caches to get the changes of the new theme. Sometimes a theme update even introduces conflicts and only clearing browser cache fixes them.

To solve this issues you can use a theme classifier called no-cache:



com.github.adminfaces admin-theme 1.0.0 no-cache

This classifier appends the theme version to the name of theme so you need to change the theme name in




primefaces.THEME admin-1.0.0

TIP: There is also a

classifier combining both approaches.

== Development

To get your hands dirty with admin theme it is recommended to use[Admin Designer^] in combination with[Brackets] or any tool that

compile less
files to css on save.

Using designer, which is backed by[Wildfly Swarm^], plus brackets will let you change the components less files and see the results instantly.

NOTE: theme.less is already brackets aware so you just need to change any component less file, save it and see the results in Admin Designer.

== Demo

  •[Admin Showcase^]

  •[Admin Starter^]

== Docs

== Snapshot

Snapshots are published to[maven central^] on each commit, to use it just declare the repository below on your



snapshots libs-snapshot

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