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A Beautiful Collection Of SLiM Themes.

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SLiM Themes

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What is SLiM?

SLiM is an acronym for "Simple Login Manager". Lightweight and easily configurable, SLiM requires minimal dependencies, and none from the GNOME or KDE desktop environments. It therefore contributes towards a lightweight system for users that also like to use lightweight desktops such as Xfce, Openbox, and Fluxbox.

Warning : The SliM project has been abandoned (last release was 2013, the project homepage is down), and is not fully compatible with systemd, including logind sessions. Consider using a different Display manager or Xinitrc.


On Ubuntu : To install SLiM in ubuntu and ubuntu based os,

$ sudo apt-get install slim

On Arch : To install SLiM in arch linux,

$ sudo pacman -S slim

How to use

clone this repository & then copy all themes in

. To apply new theme, enter the theme name on the current_theme line in /etc/slim.conf -
#current_theme       default
current_theme       milk

Help : For extra help, follow this article.


bluer|boxy |--|--| img|img

bridge|cyany |--|--| img|img

darksome|darky_pink |--|--| img|img

desky|faded_city |--|--| img|img

flat|flat_green |--|--| img|img

greeny|greeny_dark |--|--| img|img

hello|light_red |--|--| img|img

material|milk |--|--| img|img

milkyway|minimal |--|--| img|img

overlay|panda |--|--| img|img

pinker|pot |--|--| img|img

sweet_flat|typogin |--|--| img|img

wavy|workspace |--|--| img|img


  • You may have to edit some panel images (like, to change user images) according to your need.
  • Please don't judge my "NAMING THINGS" skills, at least i named each & every.
  • These themes may not prefect & may not work on various screen resolutions.
  • These themes are tested on a computer with screen resolution of 1366x768 & works as expected.
  • I did not create these graphics by myself, i just downloaded some free html login templates & ...
  • Enjoy...!

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