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⚠️ Deprecated

This repository is for the 1.x version of Adblock Plus for iOS which has now been deprecated. Adblock Plus for iOS has been rewritten from the ground up and can be found in its new repository here.

Adblock Plus for iOS

A content blocker extension for Safari for iOS.



Building in Xcode

  1. Copy the file
    (available internally) into the same directory as
  2. Run
    carthage update
    to install additional Swift dependencies.
  3. Open AdblockPlusSafari.xcodeproj in Xcode.
  4. Build and run the project locally in Xcode or run
    to export a build for distribution. After using
    , the locally created
    folder may need to be removed before building with Xcode will succeed.

Changing Xcode configurations

To switch between company and enterprise accounts, there are eight (8) changes to be made at the following locations with the values listed in respective order.

  • Target AdblockPlusSafari
    • General > Bundle Identifier = (org.adblockplus.AdblockPlusSafari || org.adblockplus.devbuilds.AdblockPlusSafari)
    • General > Team = (Company || Enterprise)
    • Capabilities > App Groups = ( ||
    • Edit scheme > Build Configuration = (Debug || Devbuild Debug)
  • Target AdblockPlusSafariActionExtension
    • General > Bundle Identifier = (org.adblockplus.AdblockPlusSafari.AdblockPlusSafariActionExtension || org.adblockplus.devbuilds.AdblockPlusSafari.AdblockPlusSafariActionExtension)
    • General > Team = (Company || Enterprise)
  • Target AdblockPlusSafariExtension
    • General > Bundle Identifier = (org.adblockplus.AdblockPlusSafari.AdblockPlusSafariExtension || org.adblockplus.devbuilds.AdblockPlusSafari.AdblockPlusSafariExtension)
    • General > Team = (Company || Enterprise)

Xcode may need to be restarted before the changes will take effect. When the changes are complete, the app should be able to run on a simulator or a device.

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